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Forum Thread : Ports Won't Open

I've had this problem for a while. I would open the port on my router page but it wouldn't open. I got new internet recently and I still have this problem. On my old router, if I scanned my public ip with nmap it said 4444 was filtered. Now on my new internet it says all 1000 ...more

Forum Thread : What Is in a Name?

As a newbie who likes to write Python scripts, I'd like to know if there are "rules" for naming scripts. Since I'm not creative, I have trouble naming scripts. Even if this is a silly question, it would be interesting to know how everyone here names their own scripts (e.g. fr ...more

HIOB : Detecting a Sniffing Device on a Network

Actually there's a little way you can do when someone's using Wireshark in a network, because wireshark only collects packet data in a passive mode or let's say it's just collecting and grabbing the data that comes across the network. This Wireshark will works perfectly on ne ...more

Forum Thread : Why Doesnt This Work? C++

#include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <string> using namespace std; int main() { string target = ""; string perform = "false"; string yesOrnow = "N"; string ip; system("color a"); cout << "Please enter the ip of the target: \n"; cin >> target; Sleep(1000); cout < ...more

Forum Thread : Have I Been Hacked?

I recently created a post asking if it was possible to be hacked using an IP address after someone admited to hacking my MacBook and my iPhone 5 to retreive email, imessages, etc. : ...more

Forum Thread : rar file issue

I got an error message when opening .rar archive - Invalid or corrupt authenticity information. I tried to open rar file again, but nothing changed. Does anyone know a method to repair rar file?

Forum Thread : Facebook v2.Py

How can i make attack multiple facebook target like targes in a txt file and then select them in the terminal and then select dictionary, and finally testing all fo them. Here's the code:

Forum Thread : Android Quadrooter PoC?

Hi, I'll just get to the point. Is there a PoC for the Android Quadrooter vulnerability? I tried searching on Google, Bing, Exploit-db, and of course Nullbyte but I failed to find the PoC for it. Is there anyone who knows where it might be?

Forum Thread : Man in the middle attack on printer?

Currently I am learning about MitM and how to use it. Therefore I am doing some arp spoofing (just like in OTW's tutorial about a simple man in the middle attack) and I am using Wireshark to analyse the packages. This all worked fine so I decided I wanted to try to get myself ...more

Forum Thread : Trouble with instaBrute

Ok first of all I'm new to this site so apologies if I do anything wrong. And I'm pretty new to hacking in general so yeah I know it's a script kiddie thing to use but I tried hydra and I can't do it. So when I perform a dictionary attack on instagram there is a delay but the ...more

Forum Thread : Problem with Meterpreter Through WAN.

Hello guys! I'm currently trying to test some exploits through wan. I'm using .exe files generator called thefatrat. I launched it on my own pc, and laptop. Everything works fine as long as it is connected through one network. Problem occurs when I try to do it through "inte ...more

Forum Thread : What Does "LHost" and "RHost" Do?

I've seen this in a lot of threads, I know that they set the Local and Remote host, but what would happen if you didn't set them up? (I'm guessing for RHost, if its not set, then there is no "address" then Msf doesn't know where to sent it.; But for LHost, what happens if you ...more

Forum Thread : Can't Send Email from SET

I've been trying to send an email with the Social Engineering Toolkit for about as long as I've had Kali, but every time I one with an attached payload, Google blocks it. I've been using Gmail (which is why Google blocks it). Is there a better way to do this, or some workaroun ...more

Forum Thread : Sending Stage Stucked Metasploid

Hi ! I'm new on hacking and I'm stcuking with metasploit. Indeed, I succeeded meterpreter with backdoor in LAN, but WAN it doesn't work... I make my backdoor with Veil-Evasion, with python/meterpreter/rev tcp, with my external IP and the 80 port. With metasploit, I made those ...more

Forum Thread : Instabrute Help Required

ok so I am trying to recover an account for one of my friends who lost the password and put no way to get it back no email or phone number is on the account, I installed python and all the dependencies for it but when I launch a command prompt and put in "python ...more

Forum Thread : DDoS...

is there a way to prevent DDoS attacks other than increasing bandwidth? i have searched the internet and there seems to be no proper answer to this.

Forum Thread : instaBrute Help Pleazzzze

i have kali linux 2.0 python2.7 and selenium 3 i get this massege anyone have idea about it python -f usernames.txt -d dictionary.txt Using 1 seconds of delay Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 142, in <module> main() File "instaBrute. ...more

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