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Forum Thread : InstaBrute Help?

So, Installed all of the dependences, and I start InstaBrute.. but then I get this error, I think it's to do with Selenium.. but I don't know a fix, can anyone help? :P - Thanks. c:\instaBrute-master>python -f usernames.txt -d dictionary.txt Using 1 seconds of d ...more

Forum Thread : Python 2 or 3 for Hacking?

So I've been looking @The Defalts python tutorial and it was all going so well until lesson 4: Basic user Input. I figured I must be doing something wrong and then I realised Defalt was using 2.7 and I'm on 3.5. so the print functions have changed. I'm confused on if 2 or 3 is ...more

Forum Thread : Why Can't I Load Kali Linux?

I downloaded the ISO of Kali Linux 2016.1 and put it onto a USB Drive using first Win32 Imager, then Universal USB Imager (UUI). I then tried to boot my system from the USB Drive (A 16GB SanDisk Cruzer) 3 steps into the setup process, it said "Unable to find CD-ROM. Retry?" I ...more

Forum Thread : CANT RUN HYDRA

Hi I successfully compiled THC Hydra with CygWin and also Burp on Windows 7. I have read quite a few tutorials but i cant seem to get hydra do its thing. Below is the info i got from Burp (i replaced some info with x's or y's) and at the bottom the commandline of which i thin ...more

Forum Thread : Linset DHCP Issue

Hi everyone, I would like to ask You for help. I'm a noobie, I'm try to use linset, I had a problem to start it, but I resolved it on my own. I use tutorial - Video: . , everything going great, but in minute 2:32 I have a problem. I ...more

Forum Thread : I Am Facing a LINSET/Wireless Problem

All, i can say is that i bought a new computer a installed kali linux, did the steps after installing it, ATI driver, updated, upgraded, and so on, but this is what i'm facing. So that's it, if anyone can help me i appreciate it, sorry for my bad English. Thanks, Dorin

Forum Thread : Newbie Site Hacking!

Right! So my IT teacher has challenged me to hack the school website. So ye I do have premison to pentest. I've founds some interesting thing about the site however I am not to sure where to go to from here. So I thought I'd ask some help from you guys! Stuff I know: Its runn ...more

Forum Thread : New Interface Guide

Although, I can adjust to the new interface. Can any mod or admin make a guide for the new design. Problem is: I have been trying to message someone and it says: go to the person's profile and click message button. I cannot find any message button. Any help ? # Darknet

Forum Thread : Ettercap DNS Spoof Not Working

Hello, it try to spoof the dns of a target in my wlan with ettercap with this command: ettercap -Tqi wlan0 -P dns_spoof -M arp:remote /Target-IP// /Gateway// I have this in my etter.dns: A IP If the target enters the console (ettercap) is giving me ...more

Forum Thread : Importing Passwordlists...

Hey fabulous people. Haven't posted in a while... sorry for being a stranger. I still love you all though deeply :) Quick question if I may ask. I have recently downloaded a password list and I would like to import it to Kali. For some reason it seems to be hell and a half to ...more

Forum Thread : XSS

Right so my school IT admin have challenged me to hack the school website! I've a found search area and some open ports the open ports are Mysql and FTP. I think my best bet is XSS i know that the site is running joomla and apche 2.2.3 and that's about it! Right keep in mind ...more

Forum Thread : Instabrute Help Needed

Hey guys I found a script for hacking Instagram accounts and I'm trying to take back my account that was hacked by one of my friends who forgot the password (I am kind of new to python) I am using Ubuntu and python 2.7 I have installed everything that it told me to like sleni ...more

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