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Forum Thread : How to Hack Wifi Network with CMD

There's lots of people in this world want to know how to hack wifi networks. You must search for CMD and run as administrator. But you need to trick your victim to connect his Wifi to your PC or Laptop. NOTICE: This for education only. Note: Even if the victim has logged you o ...more

Forum Thread : How to Clone a Cell Phone?

Hello Null-Byte Everyday something new comes into one's mind that this should be done but things get fascinating when you come to know that its already been done.... My question is that how can one clone a cell phone as I was reading about call spoofing software and When I g ...more

Forum Thread : Call Spoofing Software.

Hello Null-Byte Users and Admins. Its an honor to be a part of this reputable website. As this is my first questioning or writing an article, whatever may the correct terminology be I leave that up to you. The question I want to ask is about as the title says "Call Spoofing So ...more

Forum Thread : How Should I Start Hacking?

Hey guys this is thirdlion! I have a pretty good knowledge of computers. I have spent a decent amount of time trying to hack an old Windows XP computer with Metasploit. I have followed several how-tos but I have had no success. I am sure there are other hacking methods and tri ...more

Forum Thread : Help "Spying" on Gf Phone

hello im am a stating beginner hacker I don't know anything about it really I been researching on how to videos so i wanted to know what is the best way to hack my girlfriend phone without having her phone with me

Forum Thread : Win Rar Attachment

Hello Experts, I have Exchange 2010 with SP3 Roll Update 3 with Forefront installed on it. I have a user who was trying to send an email with attachment in 5 MB size and it is win rar compressed file. but the internal and external users are receiving as text This is the error ...more

Forum Thread : Power of Open Source Intelligence

The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) has gained considerable eminence in recent years. Conventionally, the intelligence has been referred to as the discovering of secrets using a closed system of collections and classified information. Today, it is estimated that Open Source I ...more

Forum Thread : Get the Old GNOME Version?

When they updated Kali, they update GNOME to GNOME 3. I really miss the old version now, which I think was the original version, and I'm even using Cinnamon to make it feel similar. Any way to get the old version back on Kali?

Forum Thread : Can't Get Metasploit Session.

Hello, i have little problem in Metasploit. I can't get metasploit session. Metasploit is still listening. So i will tell you what i am doing. Step 1: Creating Executable Before all i create executable with msfvenom. Command finally look like msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter ...more

Forum Thread : Android WebServer Forward

Ok so im running a webserver using law server or something like that in my android hotspot... What i want to do is redirect all traffic to one page... Like if you type anything... Any url... You'll be redirected to that one page that im hosting in the hotspot... How can i do ...more

Forum Thread : Trouble Using Wi-Fi in Kali Linux

I am trying to get actual wireless capabilities inside Kali Linux inside VMware Workstation 12.01, not having my network being bridged to the host connection. I disconnected my Netgear BCMUSB 802.11 wireless adapter from my host machine (Windows 10) and connected it to my VMw ...more

Forum Thread : Evil Twin doesn't see clients

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but I have been following this site for a long time. I've been looking at wireless attacks and wpa2-psk cracking specifically. I know that the most common way is brute-forcing, but it takes way too long. WPS locks out after like 5 attemp ...more

Forum Thread : Flashing Nethunter on Oneplus3??

Ok so i wanted to install nethunter on my oneplus 3.. So i had a few questions.. Ill be grateful for your help... Does each rom has its own kernel?? Is nethunter a rom or you patch it onto an already existing rom?? There is a nethunter kernel for oneplus3.. So can i install t ...more

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