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Forum Thread : Need Serious Help!!!

Hi, we (my husband and I ) have been under furious hacker attack now almost two years and they have been destroying our devices. Android devices first and after buying Apple devices they have been planting a malware that has been destroying hard drives and motherboards. My hus ...more

Forum Thread : No More Python Training?

Hello Null-Byte and fellow aspiring hackers, Its an honor to be learning side by side to the future's best hacker(s) and security professionals and in between. The thing that concerns me is that "A hacker without a programming language is like a Soldier without ammunition for ...more

Forum Thread : Kali Linux on Samsung Galaxy S6

<hello everyone I have been trying to get kali linux on my samsung s6> <I have tried many different things that people said would work but hasn't> <Not looking for the answer, I enjoy the challenge but I really don't want to mess up my phone> <I messed up my first one already ...more

Forum Thread : Advice for Wireless USB Adapter??

Im using Kali Linux by booting it with a usb. Everything seems to be fine however I cant see my wireless networks. So I was wondering if anybody could tell me which wireless usb adapter would be best. I am looking for a wireless usb adapter that is compatible with Kali Linux, ...more

Forum Thread : Server Autopwn Not Working for Me

Using this exploit labelled as excelent ..doesnt work for me though neither LAN or WAN , does not matter. In WAN i use lhost as public IP and SRVHOST as internal IP ...when i launch the attack it says handler failed to "public ip" i have checked lsof -i:8080 and only the pro ...more

Forum Thread : Firewall Tester Tool Concept!

I want to know about the Ftester tool and my both host are debian systems with iptables as firewall/packet filter. When sending packets from one host to the other I would like to check whether the firewall is working properly or not. The syntax is not quite clear to me: sour ...more

Forum Thread : WPS or WPA Hack via Meterpreter?

Hi All, I was driving to work today and was making up a theoretical scenario in my head and actually it started to sound quite cool. Im wondering if its possible to run reaver or something along those lines via meterpreter? the next question is could this be done on an andro ...more

Forum Thread : "Cerber Ransomeware"

Hello, Today Mrng. I Got My Computer Affected by "Cerber Ransomeware" !! And They Got All My Files Encrypted and Now I Cannot Access Any File in My Hard Dsik. And They Are Asking 500$ for the Decrptor. Please Tell Me How to Decrypt and Save My Files.

Forum Thread : Hydra & mail.server

hello everyone, i have two questions if you guys could help me answering them, that would be super toll :D the first one, i have found a website that uses cloudproxy for security. i scanned it at first for open ports using its url, of course there were no ports open and it ap ...more

Forum Thread : Fast-Track Like?

Hi guys My question is that i found my target ports and ip and OS etc. via nmap but after that how do you find and use the right exploit for system. I found that in backtrack 5 there was a tool called Fast Track that tries exploits on victims system but in kali linux fast tra ...more

Forum Thread : How to Clone a Cell Phone?

Hello Null-Byte Everyday something new comes into one's mind that this should be done but things get fascinating when you come to know that its already been done.... My question is that how can one clone a cell phone as I was reading about call spoofing software and When I g ...more

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