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This has been asked many times, but I think it's finally time to take action. I'm looking to setup a proper IRC or chatroom for this great community, but would like input from you to know what website/service would be the best. Perhaps Chatzy is a suitable website, or Freenode (though it's difficult to set up)? However, it'd be great if OTW could make it on his account, thus the privileges for both places (here and the IRC) stay the same.

Awaiting your thoughts...

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Make one whatever irc website is used make sure its simple for begginers so they can navigate around easily

Possibly, but if we want simple, Chatzy would be better.

Setting up an IRC is a great idea. Would love to see one set up for this great community. Was thinking about it recently.

I'm all for an IRC channel, don't care what we use though.


Agree with ghost_

We will be setting up an IRC Null Byte chatroom shortly on Freenode. Stay tuned!

It's on! Great! I now have another reason to procrastinate stuff!

Yay. Will it require I2P?

I like the service KiwiIRC and you can host it yourself if you wanna go that route. Or just take a channel in Freenode or something.

I've set up a channel on IRC2P twice following similar posts, gave up due to disuse

Ok guys OTW is working on an IRC server and he told me it will be ready within a couple weeks. This was like a week ago so please be patient.

He hasn't posted yet and he said it would be a couple weeks :/

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