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Forum Thread: Shellter and Metasploit

All of us want our payloads to be FUD. 99% succeed but not me, I am stuck here everything i try ends with windows threat protection found a virus, i know that you try to viruse your PC on purpse but i don't care so i delete it. So everytime i want to try my payload i have to turn off windows defender.

Forum Thread: How Do I Make an Android Payload

i have tried multiple times to make a payload but i dont think im doing it right, everytime i create a listener in msfconsole, it doesnt work so i was wondering how exactly do you make an android payload. Should i use reverse_tcp, http or https and once created how exactly do i make a listener for this payload

Forum Thread: New IRC Channel for Nullbytez

So the folks over at Darchoods are cool with us resting our virtual presences over there again, chatting it up and shooting the shit. If we want this to be any good though I'ld like a few people to OP the channel though. If you would like OP status in our new channel, please say so in the comments below. In your comment please include your nick, registered on, and a reason/experience as an IRC OP. I myself have very little, I would prefer an emissarial role. Anywho, hope to ...

Forum Thread: How to Spoof a Url?

This may sound stupid. Let's say I just cloned Facebook using SET and as you all know the phishing can only be done when the user types in my internal ip address in his/her browser and now what I wanna do, to make it less suspicious, spoof the url. What I mean is that the real facebook url will be redirecting to my phishing page. Does anyone has a clue about this? Is this even possible?

Forum Thread: TL WN722N Usb Not Detected in Kali Linux 2017.1

Hi, i bought a new tp-link Tl WN722N V.2 wifi dongle for wifi hacking but when typed ifconfig, there is no wlan0 interface,so i checked if the system is even detecting my usb by typing # lsusb but there was no mention of the chipset or vendor name, just some ID 2357:010c. First i typed # lsusb without the usb and the i typed it after plugging in the usb. I searched a lot of forums but none of them worked for me. Im am runing kali 2017.1 live with persistence on a usb. The Linux version is 4.9...

Forum Thread: How-to Create a Bot?

Hi to everyone, I'm here to ask you any suggestion about how to create a bot that buy automatically specific things in a specif website. Someone says to use PHP. Can you suggest me what I need to do to create it? Every suggestion is well accepted.