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Forum Thread: Metasploit Reverse TCP Listener for Public IP Address

I already tried backdooring with internal ip address and it worked well. Now, Im trying to backdoor my android over the internet, so i gave my pc's public ip address as the lhost and 8080 as lport. I also did the port forwarding in my router config. The problem arises when i listen to the port through msfconsole, when i execute 'exploit' command, it gets stuck at 'Started Reverse TCP handler on Related screenshots have been uploaded. Please help me setup the listener. Please...

Forum Thread: How to Hack Android Phone Using Same Wifi

Help I want to see what my significant other is doing through wifi hacking. I don't know his password I do come in contact with his phone here and there ,but can't access it. Someone help me please yes he's cheating. I just need solid proof. Please don't judge I just want to know if I could hack his phone through the same wifi and how.

Forum Thread: Zephrofel

Zephrofel is regular making hormones of your body that play after the 50s in your body and make you masculine for a long time. this fixing is a slackening up the effect of lean moxie similarly as it improves blood stream in the genital locale. It contains escalates that explicitly animate the sense and improve direct as well. Zephrofel can the genital region by addition slackening up life.

Forum Thread: Max Pro 1000 The method is more efficient than other forms

Max Pro 1000 The method is more efficient than other forms of cooking in terms of retention of flavor, shape, color, texture and many of the nutrients of foods. What to eat at dawn without fattening? It's 2:30 in the morning. You are in your bed all full and comfortable enjoying your well-deserved rest, when, suddenly, you begin to dream that you are savoring your favorite food - which can be a pasta, pizza, etc.

Forum Thread: Complete Guide to Creating and Hosting a Phishing Page for Beginners

Hello there, Recently I have come across many guides about creating phishing pages. Although the principles behind each guide is similar, most of the hosting solutions provided in the guide does not work anymore due to an increase in the crackdown of phishing pages by the hosting companies. In this guide, I will go through every step necessary to create and host a phishing page of your choice. Enjoy!

Forum Thread: Cant Reverse Shell My Windows Xp Virtual Machine?

So im trying to reverse shell my xp virtual machine using a kali virtual machine on virtual box. i am able to ping the xp machine from my kali machine and vice versa. I have disabled the firewall in both the router and on the xp machine but no matter what method i use to create the payload, whenever i execute it on the xp machine, no connection is created on my kali machine. what could be causing this problem? or where should i begin to start troubleshooting the issue? thanks in advance.

Forum Thread: Lightroom Crack Version

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Forum Thread: Slimlook Forskolin

Slimlook Forskolin : Have you fell between the cracks all of your desires? Genuinely? Why? What is the desire for the equivalent? If you are worried completely your round issues by the time mentioned you are merit it is the all over but the shouting time to revolve from one end to the other your use to bring up to date by the whole of your period straightforwardly without having any in a certain degree stress and unfriendly strain. Slimlook Forskolin Your bulk may show into contact with the a...

Forum Thread: DSN Code Black throughout the workout,

DSN Code Black throughout the workout, it's miles worth placing the huge toe among the shoulder blades to make certain that the movement is felt in the best locations: the higher lower back and the shoulder blades.status or sitting, position your shoulders next for your body and hold your lower back immediately. Slowly boost your shoulders up toward the ears. hold the position for some seconds. Then lower your shoulders slowly to return them for your initial positioning.