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Forum Thread: Why Do YOU Hack?

Many people here are hackers. And have been for a long time. Some may be cyber-security experts. I don't know. But why do you hack? Do increase cyber security awareness? For the sheer fun of it? Or to make people look like this when they discovered their account was just hacked.

Forum Thread: Finding a Neighbor's IP

Hey guys, I am new to this whole stuff. Been reading some guides and tutorial and I think I'm getting the hang of it. Thing is, I am trying to hack into a neighbor's pc (I have his permission). All of the recoinnesance and exploiting tools I see already asume you have your victim's IP address, which I do not have. The most I've been able to get is his MAC address by sniffing the traffic with airodump-ng. Is there any way to get the victim's IP with the MAC address or by network sniffing? (Wir...

Forum Thread: The Problem of Database MS Access

When working with the database in MS Access error occurred, a message appears stating that it is necessary to compact and repair the database. But I can't even open a database, because it leaves the error message in the program. What to do?????? Is there a way bring back source file????

Forum Thread: Bypass Common Antivirus with Madwin

How It Works About a week ago I wrote a quick article about madwin. I decided it was a bit too fluffy, and since I've recreated the GitHub repo anyway, I may as well write up a new one. If you've already read my previous article, you still may want to stick around. Without further ado, let's get into madwin!