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Forum Thread: Private Null Byte Chat?

I've heard talk about making something we could pm on since null byte was kind enough to make a message system that doesn't work. If you want something like that, speak your mind below. Any suggestions on what platform? Let noobs and script kiddies join or more experienced people only? It doesn't happen if you don't speak up...

Forum Thread: Problems with THC-HYDRA Giving False Positive PasswordS

hydra -L userdummy.txt -P passdummy.txt -vV https-post-form "/^USER^&password=^PASS^&login=Log+in+to+your+account:F=incorrect.:C= _cfduid=de9ff7a7ca4bc2968430ae81bf36e057e1536632635; PHPSESSID=vj8g88oje7k5u0nk9t9cvavlv2; gaTrackGEO=x; SERVERID=fe03; httpreferer=%2Fsign-in; ga=GA1.2.1543913319.1536632638; gid=GA1.2.1875996076.1536632638; gat=1"

Forum Thread: Is Kali the Best Pentester Distro Out There?

As the title says, is Kali Linux the best Pentester Distro out there? I've been "hacking" since I was 13 and I honestly don't think that Kali is the best and shouldn't be used by n00bs. Why? One, it isn't n00b friendly. How do I know? Well, try installing virtualbox and than figure out why the hell it won't run because the kernel module is wrong in the 2018 version 2 OS (This solution is simple, but took me forever to figure out the problem). Second off, notice that the title clearly states t...

Forum Thread: How to Hack Android Phone Using Same Wifi

Help I want to see what my significant other is doing through wifi hacking. I don't know his password I do come in contact with his phone here and there ,but can't access it. Someone help me please yes he's cheating. I just need solid proof. Please don't judge I just want to know if I could hack his phone through the same wifi and how.

Forum Thread: Stealthy Backdoor

Hey everybody. Today I want to teach you how to use shell scripts to make a hard to detect backdoor. It's very easy to use, easy to make, and evades antivirus like it's nothing. They also work on any system that has bash. For example Linux, BSD, OS X.