Forum Thread: [2016] Let's Get It Over With.

The only thing I have to my name is a really short tut on hacking wordpress which is more like a methodology since I really provide no actual hacking commands or tools to use.

I'm going to try to produce some quality posts this year and have a few ideas in mind:

  • Tales from the Sea - Hacks I've seen in person that have been either witty or humerous
  • Banks - I'm going to have to research this a bit but this would make for an interesting discussion.
  • Programming - There are half a dozen different Python tutorials on-going as I am typing this, so I'm primarily going to stray from the popular languages and talk about ones that have a specific purpose, such as oCaml or COBOL (time to go digging at the antique dealer)
  • USB's - There are a lot of tutorials and posts about booting with flash drives, so I don't want to just copy what everyone else is doing. I'll probably write a few posts about hiding files on a USB, giving a full rundown on what a USB thumb drive actually is, and probably talk a bit about batch scripting in conjunction with it.

Don't forget to post if I've made any errors above or if you have a better idea

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2 Responses

Splendid ideas... Uniqueness makes the world go round. So get creative, one of the marks of a hacker. So keep thinking up ideas... I'm excited to see what you have to offer. :)

Wow! Mouth watering post this is. Just need to build a time machine now!

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