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Greeting my fellow security enthusiasts! It was just a few weeks ago when I announced my plans for a new series (due to the request of numerous script kiddies), but there are just so many things to write about and so little time to actually work on these tutorials.

Breaking the Bank Part 1 will be posted sometime next week, after it goes through peer editing. I completely scratched the first draft and have just finished the second.

Ghost in the Wires Part 1 will be a tribute series to Kevin Mitnick, explaining how to actually be a ghost on the web. The first parts will discuss what most of us already know -- anonymity -- but I'll be heading a far different direction than what other users have posted about, going in depth about the event viewer, logs, and likely some USB tutorials.

Tales from the Sea The only issue I have is just that I don't know which story to post first. Expect a new one every other week.

That's pretty much everything off the top of my head. I'll probably throw in an edit later.

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7 Responses

This sounds amazing, looking forward to everyone of those :)

Can any one tell me how to be fully anonymous (Fully untraceable) i Search also but all the method at null-byte is traceable so if u have nay link or any idea and other trick related to become ghost

tell us ....

If you are on the Internet, you are traceable. You can only make it more difficult. I recommend using proxies.

so which country proxies is best for bad things

It would still be nice to see an article about all the less conventional ways identities are leaked, such as DNS leaks etc. It's easy to use VPN's and proxies, but knowing every variable by which your identity can be leaked is certainly more difficult.

I am trying lots of VPN or proxies

but they have there drawback like as many proxy use your speed is down and VPN store log Files(Some on server and some on system)

and i also research on Tor may be its a Government Servant (because they can find us event we are on tor (I am taking about before we find Exit Note) and its start by US Government in history of tor you can all read that.............

i dont have problem with speed i have problem with log and Government

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