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  1. Whenever I look at (nearly any) OS, it offers a 64 and a 32 bit OS version.

What is the difference between them? Is 64-bit more powerful?
If that's the case, whats the point of offering a 32-bit version?

  1. If I run Persistence mode on Kali via my USB, and download a tool, next time I plug it into a computer and run the normal 648pae mode, will the tool still be there?
  1. How can I use Python to create a script that interacts with ActivityMonitor (OSX) or TaskManager (Windows)?

I want to make a script/tool that detects possible malicious programs/processes running on a computer.
Github code is HERE
Am I doing this right?


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3 Responses

the 64bit depends on your computers specs. if you have 64bit processor then 64bit will run more efficiently, and vice versa for 32bit.

  1. yes the tool will still be there.
  1. these questions are very easy to find using www,

Giving more info about Q1;
64bit/32bit is simply your CPU's architecture.

Assembly wise, it means that it can store up to 32/64 bits of data in a register if I'm not mistaken.

64bit processors WILL support 32bit systems, however the other way around will most likely not work.

Note: 64bit processors will PERFORM better with 64bit systems, however I haven't noticed much of a difference during my experience.

Also note that 64bit systems allow more RAM to be installed, the maximum RAM you can have on 32bit systems is 4GB vs a whooping 192GB? RAM on 64bit systems .(For most OSes, if not all.)

64bit apps will most likely not run on 32bit systems, however 32bit apps will most likely run on 64bit systems.

Some apps however will not, due to compatibility problems.
That's about how far my knowledge goes!
I hope I was accurate enough ^^.

Short answer, a 64-bit OS has access to over 4 billion times the physical memory as 32-bit.

So yes it's more powerful because it's capable of more.

And yes, persistence means just that.


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