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Hey Guys,

I want to hear some ideas and concepts/research approaches about artificial intelligence from you. Like how to build a real A.I.


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Artificial intelligence! One of my favorite topics.

Computers that we have now cannot make their own decisions because the only two pieces of information is can intercept is 1 for on or 0 for off.

The idea of a quantum computer is based off of the principle that there is a 3rd piece of information, for now we'll call it 2. 2 is not on or off, it is a maybe. The computer somehow will interpret 2 based on previous knowledge and partial randomness, similar to human intelligence.

Do you think we could make a Quantum Computer one day?
While it would be beautiful, I would vote against it.

In nature, species after species dominated all others. Humans are putting the rest of the planet into extinction. Robots are more powerful. Robots have the ability to kill humans. Although I know it sounds like a plot straight out of hollywood, it is very possible.

There has actually been some very interesting leaps and bounds towards tri and even quad state computing of late, I believe stanford is pretty close.

Also we can pretty closely emulate the spartial awareness using weighted neural nets and such, however, for perhaps the next year or two it remains an emulation.

As for the best way to start to learn about A.I. i personally found playing with sql servers data mining services to be a good way to get a feel for it, if mind bogglingly boring at times.

the fun thing is, there was a concept of a "3rd bit", called ternary computing, far before there was even talk about quantum computers. it was also way cheaper than quantum processors. too bad the architecture never left the development state. i mean, we could've got technology we have now back in the 90's if it was successfully implemented.

wikipedia page.


You just have to tell the computers how to figure out how to figure out.

Then, it will be just a matter of seconds.

Hopefully it will be just that simple soon.

Computers only work with 2 bits right now, 0, and 1. To be self aware it would have to make decisions based on it's own thoughts, memories, and future planning. We're close to developing it now, but it might be another year or two.

Yeah, I agree with Ciuffy. I built one myself, I mean not a big one. It used my computer's camera to identity people, If you weren't in its database, It would build a new profile with your image. I had problems with the speech recognition. I made it integrated with the windows OS. It would start on start up, Use the camera and would greet the user infront of it ( based on profiles ). It was really cool. Unfortunately, I never backed it up to my server so during one of my Kali dual boot windows experiment, I crashed the computer and had to reformat the system. I didn't bother to build it again, Because it took me like 6 to 8 months, Each day searching to perfect the speech recognition and facial recognition. I just quit. Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express and later Microsoft C# if you are thinking of how I built it.

Building such programs is very much possible.

# Sergeant

Well, that is the first step.

I was thinking about computers that are programmed to find better ways to programma themselves. Only this way we'llose control, because we will be missing the infos to stop them, since it would take us "Hunan time" to study them while the evolve at "machine time".

I found this idea at Computerphile:AI Self Improvement - Computerphile:

This AI Machines are very cool. Giving them sensors, bodies, Off topic though but inserting tools like hacking tools, connection interception,. But lets face the problem, They are way better than us, Their own ability to think, They can literally control everything. They are fast in everything, Later through their own abilities, They would now be like:

Image via

Computers are our personal assistants in every single thing or task. We can't do away with them, Thus we've become lazy and stupid No Offense .

I love computers and tech as a whole but this machines, no no no, They are cool but dangerous. Imagine one of a military AI human bodied machine ( wearing an armor that can only be penetrated by heat laser like that of the sun and equipped with the latest tech, Guns, sensors, flying, and stuff) been hacked or malfunctioned. We will all surely die and what if they replicate.

that's exactly the reason i started hacking in the first place! i was always afraid of technology controlling us, and robots killing me. so out of this fear, i developed a passion to protect myself from technology... by controlling it.

and since we are talking evil AI, you guys might like the series called Battlestar Galactica. in this series, humans create a robot species, called "the Cylons", as their personal slaves. the Cylons, however, evolved themselves, and became more intelligent than the very humans who created them. the Cylons are tired of humans enslaving them, so they decide they want to wipe the human race from existence. the few remaining humans have to venture into space, where they are still being haunted by their own creations...

it's a show from the 80's, but it has a really nice plot.


Exactly, They will become better than us. A simple math: 2(( 9 + 16 ) / 34) * 64 / 2, Yeah i guess you need to use a calculator. A computer can do that in like 0 microsecond. Would you ever work for someone you are way better than.

As time passes, you will just assume you're wasting your precious time. They will serve us as time passes, they get equipped with new technology. Fine, but for Artificial Intelligence, That's where the problem starts, Self awareness or self consciousness is a different thing all together. That's what makes humans unique and what do we do, We think we are superior.

Lets see, We have already started 2 world wars and the next one will be tomorrow and we can't even fly. Now imagine, giving the same awareness to a robot which can do more the human.

Image via

Extinction time. But here is the funny thing. Robots will still be developed ( because we are lazy and want everything in a flash ) no matter what we say here or there. Always know, Those who control the code, control the world. And that man on the other side will still develop or create one because its either money, greed or hunger. Peace

it will most likely be hackers who survive, because they know how to control those robots. but i agree


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