Forum Thread: Aahh Good to Be Back

I used to post regularly but since my Linux crashed somehow (probably did something wrong installing incompatible packages), well... all my projects i was working on were so much delayed that i decided to quit on them. But that´s about to change!

I´m planning to make my return! and i´ll start helping you guys out in the whole 0ne/zer0 scene. You just wait!!!
So what do i want to know then?

What is it that you guys are looking for?

What kind of tutorials do you want? And why?
so leave comment and i´ll see what i can do!

Cya around


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6 Responses

Glad to see you are back!

Welcome back!! I would like it if you continued your tutorial on SQL injection or maybe even expand more on the Social Engineering Toolkit also if you feel like starting those projects up again

Welcome back! I recently joined here and started training in pentesting , ect. and noticed ur last log in was 6 months ago after reading yours and OTWs guides, so glad to see the synchronicity happening and that your back!

On that note, id like some pointers on how sytems are compromised once access to a wifi network is gained. What are some routes? whats commonly used or comes into to play in your experiences?? obviously if im someone in my area has compromised my network they arent going to take a social engineering route seeing how well never communicate, so what are some routes they would take to abuse open ports on my systems?? And all in all, ANY and ALL guides from you guys have been informative and great help so by all means, if your willing and got the time and something in ur head to teach, we'll be here to absorb the knowledge!



Well basically, when a system is compromised the "adventure" begins. Once you've access to the computers/tablets/consoles on the WiFi network, you'll be able to nmap the whole network. Then you can check for any open ports/services on a specific IP and find out where the weakness is. Now you have two options:

  1. You can go ahead and use that security flaw you've found. That can be an unstable release of an regular program like IE.
  1. You can also use you'r social engineering skills and develop an attack. This happens to companies. You dress up like a maintenance guy, gain entrance and drop of a USB stick with a malicious file on it. Then an employee picks it up, opens the file and BAM you've got access

Of course there are various other ways to do it but these are the basics.


Ohhhh!.....Nice to See you Back Sir. I was waiting for you :-) (feeling sorry for you projects & linux)

i think that you should write tuts on any part that you like.
im sure we would all be happy to read anything you have to say.

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