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I want to ask about what is quantum computer and what is the level of internet.I googled it but it didn't give me appropriate answer if you guys know then plz share with me.

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Quantum computers are basically computers that use quantum bits. These bits can hold the value of both 0 and 1 at the same time, which makes them incredibly fast and powerful. You can read more here.

As for darknets, the internet knows 2 layers: indexed sites and servers, which can be found using google or bing or whatever, and then there are unindexed sites, which are not visible to google and bing. Unindexed sites include TOR hidden services, but also includes sites that simply modified their robots.txt to avoid them from being listed in the results of search engines.

Unindexed sites is what is known as the "deep web".


Just to add on, quantum computers are exponentially more powerful. For example, since a traditional computer can only have 1 or 0, the number of different combinations one could achieve with 8 bits of traditional computer would be 8^2=64.

A quantum computer bit can be 1, 0, or 1 and 0(commonly called 2), therefore the possibilities with 8 quantum bits would be 8^3=512.

This is already a huge leap and were only using 8 bits, imagine if we were using 100 (100^2=10,000 VS 100^3=1,000,000) or even a couple thousands bits? If a quantum computer with as many bits as a modern computer existed it could crack current encrypting algorithms in fractions of the time it currently takes.


Oh thank you so much PHOENIX750 I didn't know about it.

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