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Hello, i really wanna know for sure before using any of these..

i heard that if u use proxy the owner of that server can see what you are doing.. but lets say i have a proxy, after i disconnect it's impossible to see what im doing anymore right?

i really need trusted proxies please. i want to proxychain many.

some people say that proxies work only on browsers..but if i play a game i can connect to a proxy server having my ip changed so there will be no difference between this and a vpn.

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Even when you disconnect from a proxy, all your previous actions could be logged. I say 'could' because some proxy owners don't log because they don't care, but I'm assuming you are not taking chances.

If you're looking to use a proxy to forge your IP address, then there is really no point in finding 'trusted' ones, as your goal isn't to conceal your data. However, if you are hiding from authorities or nefarious people who are pursuing you, then that's a different story that doesn't really suit the question in hand.


well yea they can see my previous logs. i mean i don't have important datas. I just wanna take harmful sites down and remain untraced.But my question is if i disconnect from the proxy and return to my normal ip can they still see what i do? or to have some important info that can hack my pc?

The proxy to which you directly connected will know your IP address. They will only be able to 'see what you do' (if that even makes sense) if they are able to exploit your system through means of hacking and then monitor your actions that way. It seems like you're asking hypothetical questions.


yes but like he can't see what i do after i disconnect from proxy i mean thats impossible unless he exploits it which is hard if i change my ip after..

That's exactly what I just said...

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