Forum Thread: About Usb Wifi Adapter.

Hey every one,
Im a little bit lost to decide which card i should buy.
There is 3 for me :
Alfa AWUS036H V2

I saw one Panda 300 but the price in my country is very awful.

Im on a laptop with Kali 2.0, Gigabyte P34G and if im right i've Intel 7260 wifi chipset.

So if you have any advice, i will really appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

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The alfa nha is a good choice for pen testing, packet injection works fine etc. But it is becoming a bit outdated, it does not support 5g signals. I have one with the omni-directional antenna for picking up many signals, and the 9db directional antenna for picking up specific signals at a distance. Over all its a good card but the non 5g functionality is a setback for some.

Anything alfa will most likely be a good buy though. Just do your research and read reviews on amazon and other sites. Be a smart buyer and you can't go wrong.

Thanks a lot for your answers, i appreciate :)

Im my research of that special something. So i found another one, thats not the same price but let me know if you know this one :

Alfa AWUS052NH 802.11n 300Mbps 1000mW.

Image via

It looks to work on Kali 2.0 with the latest kernel number. The chipset is Ralink RT3572.
Its a little bit more expensive.

Edit : Just in case of, i was remembering i had a USB Wifi key, a netgear who was offered with a router WN111V2. I just decided to test and plug in my Kali Laptop, it work better! I will see if she offer me what i need at this time.

You're better off simply buying something that's known to work.

Have you read TRT's guide? If not you should read it first,a while ago,I bought a AWUS036NH and it had problems,I searched around forum treads in backtrack and kali linux and I didn't found a solution and also the solutions provided in the forums don't always work for some reason.Don't waste your money buying something that won't work later like I did! It is wiser to buy something that simply works,it saves you money,and saves you the frustation and trouble later on.

In short,just buy the AWUS036NHA.I bought it recently and it works perfectly!

Yeah, i did read :) Thanks Trinity for your help. I know thats a good point, keep my money and use for another thing like the new raspberry 3 and learn how to create something interesting :)

I saw on a french board thats Alfa AWUS052NH work perfectly without trouble. But you should right, time i will learn on the AWUS036NHA, there will have wifi 815.SRE or 985.Q.W.E.R.TY connectivity :)

Last point, my usb wifi netgear WN111V2 had R9001U-2NG Atheros AR9170 chipset. I didnt find the answer or was unable to understand, is it Injection with?

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