Forum Thread: How to accomplish an Anonymous Email login? Which info are tracked by servers when you log in?

Hi guys!

I just wrote a simple script in python that is able to enter my email account. What I wanted to know is: what should I consider in order to cover any information when logging in my mail account?

With a proxy I can cover the IP, but which other information are tracked by the server? and how to hide them in order to be completely anonymous?

Thank you

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If you're logging into an email account, your information is already there. You've had to put in a first and surname, date of birth, country, et cetera in order to actually create the account unless you gave fake information.

A proxy can mask the location you're logging in from; but other than that all the other login information will already be associated with your email account such as first and surname, et cetera.

Unless you're asking whether the MAC address for your computer will be blocked or something.


Sorry maybe it was not clear. Let's say the mail is not mine and I don't want to leave any track that I entered or at least I don't want to leave any tracks that would lead to me.. How to to that? Which type of info should I cover?

Thank you

I think the server(Gmail,hotmail,facebook or whatever) gunna track when was the last login and notify that person that you logged in from a different location by sending him email to his alternate email address or his phone..

just info, IDK how to avoid tracking

Ahmed <3

Concur with Ghost and add that the mail server keeps track of last login time/date, IP / Geo-location on some. You have to deal with the mail server if you are trying to ninja. Email hacking is a huge issue for most providers.

Short story:
One of my low level email accounts got hacked on a major provider.
(I make bait emails some times and don't login for weeks then come and see what happened.)

Last IP was at bottom of login screen plus sent mails and tracks. Email provider was useless I got more done then them. That account was not accessed again after that.

Point is you will leave footprints in the snow, how hard is it snowing tho. ;-)

A Hypothetical question. If you are here asking for help on a low level job such as this are you ready to risk your freedom because you are under trained perhaps? No disrespect intended of course.


As Cyberhitchhiker stated, you're not ready if you're asking questions like this. A common mistake every 'aspiring hacker' makes is jumping in head first without even thinking of the potential repercussions.

If you have to ask what sort of information is being tracked, you're not ready to mask your tracks.

Practice on a controlled lab first.


Thank you guys for your comments and advices.
Anyway yeah I am asking because I don't know and I am curious to learn!

That's just for the pleasure of learning. It feels good to know how to hack a mail box, but it's pointless if you don't know how to do it in silence. :D


If you want to learn, start from the beginning. Type 'Linux Basics Hack' into the search bar and get cracking.

Just like anything else, you will need a solid foundation to start from. Those guides give you that and Occupy The Web is a great teacher.


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