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Hey all,

First up a huge thank you to Master OTW, Th3 Sky F0x, and the other active contributors here at Null Byte.

Since it's such a pleasure to have this amazing resource around should we not do more to look after our wonderful educators that we have?

I'm wondering how many active users are here that can help to answer some of the more mundane questions (bt/kali install issues, not using correct exploits, " y u no teach me 2 b 31337 h4x0r fasta" etc) to try and stop our active contributors from becoming burnt out?

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Only giving myself kudos to try and push this up the list. I would really hate to lose these guys.

P.s I'm not sure if Th3 sky f0x is still around, or if i've missed any other serious contributors I'm sorry.


I've encountered a few BT install problems and managed to get it working so I might be able to help there instead of having the great teachers having to preform such a mundane task. I can also go through some tutorials and give some basic rundowns on other things if that would help. I am in no way an expert however so use my information at your own risk. xD

I keep coming back :)

I'm not familiar whatsoever with linux, but I've learned a lot with OTdub's lessons, and just constant researching on my own.

Any kind of problems you guys have, would be a problem I'd have no issue investing my time in. Just gives me more problems to solve and things to learn.

I think the researching on your own is a big part of it

Cant expect OTW to guide you all the time lol

What we should be doing is guiding people with queries to the right sources of information so they can study for themselves. It's no good holding hands all the time; how are you supposed to learn?

Install issues and the like are only very small problems; if a user is having problems there, then it is in their best interest to find out why they're having problems.

Otherwise you get an influx of this.

User has problem>User goes to forum for help>User has his hand held throughout entire process>User learns nothing.

As opposed to.

User has problem>User goes to forum for help>User is guided to source of information that can help them understand the nature of the problem>User develops their problem solving skills, even if just by a small amount, and has accomplished something.

Just my thoughts on it.



Thanks! Couldn't have said it better myself.


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