Forum Thread: How to Add Proxy on My Website

hello hackers! if I have website, we all know that my ip address and all other information can be easily recognized. I want to know if I can add proxy on my website. so that no one can recognize it easily. I am just curious and sometimes for good reasons too we want to protect our workings only that is why I asked it?

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You could, but it might seriously screw things up. If you are trying to protect yourself, adding a website is just going to allow people to find you easier. Your website is hosted on your IP address, so adding your idea of protection will probably mess things up pretty badly.

Also, proxies are client-side. Not server-side.

Are you looking for something like a reverse proxy? A reverse proxy sits in front of your website and hides the backend webserver from the public. It takes on the public IP address and all communications from clients go through it. It does not hide the public IP address but adds a layer of security in front of your webserver. If that's what you mean?

You can use CloudFlare to hide your IP behind their DNS. Basically when someone pings your url, their IP addresses will be returned instead of your server's IP address. I think that's what you're asking.

thanks to you all.
and I will find some stuff about reverse proxy DILL, thank you

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