Forum Thread: Alfa awus036h Not Working on 64bit Macbook Air Sierra

so i have kali linux on a usb and i dual boot it on my mac but when i first booted it i noticed that i wasnt able to connect to wifi at all, so i bought the alfa awus036h on a recommendation and tried installing it on my mac.

  1. when i try installing alfa on my mac it just doesn't work. I installed all the drivers and everything, rebooted, plugged in alfa usb and i got no response whatsoever. The light on it doesn't come up, the usb isn't even detected in system information etc etc. Its like the usb is non existent. Half of people say alfa isn't compatible with 64 bit, even tho i bought it after reading many posts saying its the best for mac.
  1. Even if i got alfa to work on my mac would it transfer over to kali when i dual boot or does kali not even attempt to connect to the firmware wireless card? if that isnt the case how am i supposed to download the drivers on kali when i dont even have wifi to begin with?

really need help. every tutorial ive found is 7 years old and involves people spending 30 min typing in commands on kali to install it. I heard alfa was supposed to be a "works right out of the box" type of wireless adapter but that seems like the complete opposite of what it is.

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Have the same problem, have you Managed to fixad it ?

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