Forum Thread: I Allowed My Neighbor to Use My Wifi While They Were Down but They Continued to Use Mine Well After They Were Back Up

I monitored my wifi using the freeware Who's on my wifi, that enabled me to capture all their mac addresses which I then used to deny access through my router. I thought it might be a mistake on their part but now I am not so sure. I would like to screw with them a little bit are there any suggestion as to how I might use the information (mac addresses etc.) to yank their chain? Most if not all of their stuff is APPLE . There were 5 devices one with a NetBIOS name of W039524. I am not at all familiar with Apple products.

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I highly recommend not using digital means to "screw" with your neighbors. Have you told your neighbors that they are not allowed to use it anymore? If you do so they might stop. However, changing your password to the wireless should atleast keep em of, unless you use a password like 12345 and with WEP encryption.



I blocked them by entering their mac addresses in my router and of course I wasn't looking for anything "illegal" just a means of scaring them off if they get around the mac filtering. Thanks for your feedback and to answer your question about my security it's WPA2, and I gave them my password because I'm nice person until you screw me over :).

Check out some of occupytheweb's posts and tutorials, that should give you some ideas ;)

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