Forum Thread: I Am Buying a New Laptop for Pentesting Under $700...

Can someone suggest me please?

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I never bought laptop with such goal but...

If I was looking for a laptop expecificaly for that, I would had a few specs in mind:

  • RAM, as many has it brings and see how much can it be upgradable
  • CPU, At least quadcore and a fast one
  • WIFI, I´m a fan of USB dongles but if you can get your hand on one with 802.11ac it would be awsome and pay attention, you need to check if the model allows to put it on monitor mode and to do packet injection - if not an AC or a N go for a USB dongle - WIFI cards tend to overheat and frozen.
  • HDD, at least 250/300Gb SATA 2/3, or less, you can put and SSD drive later make your OS fly (hehehe)
  • GPU, if you are not using it for gaming or for GPU cracking, you can disregard it, just go for a simpler one or one wich is embembed on the motherboard
  • Battery, this is important if you entend to move a lot like wardriving or away from a power supply.


Sorry, grammar nazi here, but instead of "expecificaly", It should be either "specifically" or "explicitly". :D

yeah how much grammer have you learnt..grammer nazi

thank you for suggesting me the requirements and i i have heard that thinkpad is good for pentesting,is it?

and jansen can you suggest me best usb dongles because i am thinking to buy it with my laptop.

I can't help you choose the best dongles because it depends on the brand and the chipset. You should begin with:

I use a few but let me tel you the best buy I did so far was this

Allows macchange, monitor mode and packet injection (I think, I haven't done for a while). But for you intent maybe is not the best choise.

Bottom line is, check the market and see whats available and what fits your budget, after that check the chipset, if it permits to do what its needed for (monitor mode, packet injection...) and for last try to check some reviews (mainly what concerns range).


Insted of looking up good laptops if your stumped look up mobile workstations, Their generally more expensive but that got a lot of gas in them, try to find one on sale and it'll do pretty damn good

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