Forum Thread: I Am Having a Problem with Kali Linux (VB Guest). Cannot Seem to Make VB 'See' My Usb (Tl-wn722n)

Hello guys !
Wonderful community here, learned a lot from you!

I know there are other threads on the forum but none of them helped me out for this problem. Though I saw from there to DL the extension pack for VB thanks to Cluffy.

I installed the extension pack on Virtualbox. I have inserted the tl wn722n usb in the computer and on my main os(linux mint) it shows up with lsusb command(Atheros Communications... etc ).

With the command ifconfig it shows wlan0 and wlan1.
When i go in virtualbox > kali i have internet ... but the only thing appearing is eth0 and lo.

When i go to virtualbox USB menu and i click on the "add" icon it shows - no devices available.
Would really appreciate the help.
Yours Sincerely,
I really motivated boy looking into putting the wn722n to good use ;)
EDIT : i just realised that the dongle is v1.10 is that a problem ?

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I had the same problem and then after hours of searching came across this youtube video about downloading what seem like "old" compat files. But I followed along and got my wn722n working perfectly. Hope this helps. :-) I do find i have to start my virtual machine and login to the desktop and then put my wn722n in the usb port for it to work. But I've been using it without issues for about 2 months now.

Hey thanks for the reply. I did that yesterday but when i restarted my PC it was gone. Does that mean i have to keep the file and do this operation every time ? And you are sure you have tested that after this you have no problems with airmon-ng ?

Now when i press iwconfig i get wlan0 and wlan1 but when i use it with airmon-ng start wlan0/wlan1 it does nothing.


When i type airmon-ng i have phy2 and phy3 wlan0/1mon. Neither of them show up to be from the Aetheros. When i use airodump-ng (tried with both) it does not track any packets?

No worries. I just followed the youtube video and I've not had any problems since at all. I havent had to redo the fix after the first time. Let me check what I get using airmon-ng I've been using wifite for the past few days and it recognises the usb as wlan1.

Ok just checked it, it works perfectly with airmon-ng. It shows up as wlan0.

But interestingly if I plug the usb dongle in before I start my virtual machine it doesnt recognise the dongle at all. I have to pull it out and plug it back in and then it works. Hopefully this wil help

Thank you a lot mate.... still it did not work for me. Started the wlan0 and 1 but when i used airodump-ng it was not able to register any movement of packets. From lsusb it was not registered so i just left it like this and now I am trying to install Kali with VM. Atleast there it will automatically read the usb. Thank you for help though , much appreciated

No problem, I hope you get it sorted. Let me know either way if I can help at all once you have VM installed.

Forgot to report back ! Sorry ! It's been a few days now since i finally figured how to install Kali on VM and I have no problems with the usb. It simply does it on its own. I am really delighted by VM and would promote it to any beginner out there having problems with using the external usb wi-fi.

Now on to the struggle with the actual purpose i wanted this configured ;) . Cheers !

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