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i am new to hacking world but much interested, what should i start up with?

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i recommend you start with learning linux. then move on to recon and metasploit. once you have done that, you should read a book about hacking (Hacking: The art of Exploitation is what i recommend) and learn a scirpting language or two.


Yup, that's a nice path (I'm in the recon & metasploit part while learning scripting)

You could also learn how to boot up Kali and hack into Wireless Networks, and then dump their traffic with Wireshark :)

personally, it's the path i took.


Yea you need to learb a scripting language if you wanna go in detail...

If youre just here for some hobby.. little hobby.. then you can learn metasploit and mitmf and wifi cracking nd such things;);)

which is easiest script language to learn?

There is no easy one.. all are almost same just the format is different... if you learn one then its too easy learning another...

If you wanna do pentesting .. id start with python or ruby...

where can i find simple guide for "BASH" ? (because i'm not good with english ) Any beginners guides?

I have one here on Null Byte.

I have a series on scripting here and it includes several lessons on BASH.

Thanks.I will check.

Welcome! Code academy will help you learn coding. Do you have you kali vm set up?

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