Forum Thread: I Am New to Hacking. I Want to Learn a Lot About How It Works and How to Hack

I want to know about all types of hacking, but I use JavaScript the best. I understand many languages fairly well. Need any info that might help. Thanks!!

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By understanding most of language its a good start for you. But for the time just search youtube for what you want ?
hope its pen-testing >;)

Learn how to use linux.
Kali linux is good for penetration.

Kali is for experts -- getting started on other linux distributions like ubuntu, or my favourite, Fedora is a good idea.

For pentest video, i sugest go to, for the article this place good for that, just walking your fingers in this web and forum :D

How can one hack into dating sites?

if it have an exploit then use it (I.E) Sql

Well, first of all, you need to set a goal of what you want to hack.

Start with your own Wifi Network. Try to hack your router with kali with different tools & methods. Secure your router from those attacks. (BASIC WIFI HACKING COMPLETE).

Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc. (All languages related to Web Development).
Learn how the websites are made from scratch.

Learn mySQL, basic database management (When you learn all these, you'll be good to go for learning Website hacking. Don't just open the tutorials and do what the author says. Learn why & how the things work the way they do.)

Learn OSI Model., Networking, TCP/IP, etc. (Everything related to Networking).

Learn Python and/or Java. And build YOUR OWN exploits. Learn how to use them to hack your own Computer (Be it windows, mac or linux).

In short: There's so much to learn. Even I don't know the most of the things I mentioned above. But at least I am still learning, and will keep learning till my last breath. Don't Give Up!

Eventually you'll get there.
Happy Hacking!

I suggest you start with networking basics.

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