Forum Thread: How Am I Supposed to Feel?

so ive been trying this anonymous thing out by like practicing keeping my life a secret but since i have, ive been felling like alone like i havent been talking to friends because i usually will drop somthing about my secret and stuff so is this normal for upcoming white grey and black hat hackers?

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Becoming a white hacker doesn't involve becoming antisocial. I think you are not getting the point here. A white hacker doesn't do illegal things, therefore he doesn't need to go full incognito. This is a website made for "the aspirational white-hat hacker".

im hoping to be one day be in the hacktivist group anonymous but need to practice anonymity before i actually start to fight with them

Anonymous isn't a group, Anonymous is a collective of people with the same idea, like a posse. It is an idea created on 4chan, anyone can be Anonymous.

but to fight for our rights or against like against isis, some messure are taken to where we would hack their sites or servers

Depends on your preference mainly, but you should be more able to keep secrets if you actually plan to do something illegal, and more confident in your skills if you can already effectively keep secrets.

Take the example of Batman. Being a vigilante doesn't require you to be antisocial in your normal life.

But that is fiction. In reality, you can't actually keep two personalities (apart). So, instead of that, I'd rather suggest that being isolated almost guarantees you a failure. "Only the fittest survives". Everything that you do is being used to make your profile.

Weigh both sides. I'd personally suggest that you don't try anything strange.

-The Joker

You have a profile picture that shows your face and you really believe that you are anonymous? Sorry but you are doing this wrong.

If that is actually a picture of you, if you really do live in Nashville, and particularly if your name is Javier Mendez, you need to rethink what you are doing and, perhaps more importantly, why, from the ground up. My friends know I have an above average knowledge of internet security issues but I never mention exactly how and why I know what I know to anyone. However, this does not stop me socialising! If this is something that you wish to take seriously try reading this

It's very in depth but contains things you REALLY need to know if you wish to as anonymous as possible on the internet. In addition there are numerous tutorials here on Null-Byte covering anonymity.

not me. i thought if people saw, they'd look into and notice those 3 dont match up and be stuck at finding who i am. ive also followed and practiced alot of anonymity steps but thanks, ill look into it to see if there is anything i missed

I mean, it could mean you have some sort of issue related to maybe social anxiety maybe. but its like acting you know. you just dont tell people everything about your secrets.

yea, it might be social anxiety i look into it and ive practiced that, seems easier said than done =D

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