Forum Thread: I Am Thinking About Going to School for Internet Security

The program has Algebra, College Algebra, and trig. Oh me Finite Math. Is that much math really necessary? And what would I use it for? Thank you. Oh and I had another account on hee but after I changed my nickname I'm no longer to log in with it.

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3 Responses

Probably not necessary, but a good idea. That is not a lot of math compared to many programs and you will find it useful in your career.

I think someone told me that higher maths were needed for Cryptography? (I'm not exactly sure, as I am a aspiring WhiteHat as well)...

Nonetheless, like OTW said, it would be beneficial to know them as opposed to not knowing them at all

Maths are mandatory for crypto, but it's a specific part of the whole job. You won't be able to create the new SHA anytime soon.

Get the basics, but dont focus on that, unless you really want to. Logic is everything.
Like in any school, you wont like everything, but just get the best out of it.

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