Forum Thread: Android Apps That Comes in Handy for Hackers (Part 1)

Hello there, Today I am going to share some apps which are very useful for hackers or pentesters

Whether its an mitm attack or sniffing the packets or an sql injection, we have got all of them available right in your pocket, so without further we do let's dive in.

1. zANTI Zanti is a quite popular pentesting toolkit by zimperium it allows you to perform multiple attacks like MITM, check for vulnerabilities in network devices like ShellShock, SSL Poodle, weak paswwords e.t.c

Zanti uses nmap to discover network devices and find vulnerabilities, find open ports e.t.c

You can also capture downloads from the victim, or inject download with a backdoor on the fly, capture http sessions, change mac address of your device, monitor your network, e.t.c

This app can be very useful if your victim is on the same network or you can spy on public network as well, it got all the perks to fit in your pocket.

2. DroidSheep Droidsheep spoofs your router ip address so it acts like a router between the clients, so your device would send the requests to droidsheep thinking its the router so the entire network traffic is captured by droidsheep, you can also capture cookies as well...

3. Network Spoofer Network spoofer is a fun pentesting application, it simply spoofs the entire network and can redirect to your desired url, or change youtube videos, flip text or show your uploaded image and many more similar options. Its good for annoying your loud neighbor by redirecting him to despacito, or you can run this at your work and redirect all the computers to which will make them believe they got some error and you get a break!!!!

4. Wickr Me Wickr is an end to end encryption the most secure chat messenger owned by a private company, It was featured on Mr robot, The best thing about wickr is its completey secure and it have got self destructing messages within the time you set. Social Media cannot be trusted with the data leaks every month and the users information being sold to authorities, CIA. Are we safe talking about the DDOS attacks coming up on social media? NO that's where Wickr comes in handy, the company itself states that your information, the conversations you had there is no way on earth they can see that or even if the feds requested for your info. All they can get is the total number of messages you have sent and received, your profile pictures, and your phone number. Well you should enter your phone number on wickr and you will be safe.

5. NDroidMap An unofficial version of nmap on android pretty similar to the one found on Linux, it works with the same commands from Linux version nmap, its useful for scanning the network gathering information about clients in your local network scanning for ports e.t.c

6. Piik Piik performs a mitm attack on your network like zANTI but the difference in piik is that It only captures images that are being displayed on any android in your network or browsed in your computer all of them pictures are captured by Piik.

7. Wireshark An unofficial version of wireshark which have the same features as the original, it captures the traffic in your network just as in Linux. However to operate it you need to have some experience with the commands as it operates via commands only.

8. tpacketCapture Tpacketcapture is the same like the unofficial version of wireshark however you don't need any commands as it starts capturing with just the capture button.

9. Pcap Reader Whether you used wireshark or tpacketcapture to capture packets on the network you will need pcap reader to run those .pcap files

10.'s NetCut Do you ever just wished you could kill your annoying sister's wifi but you don't have access to Linux? Well with Netcut you can easily scan the network and select a specific device you can slow down their internet or completely cut it off.

I will be covering moree apps in depth, if you have any questions feel free to ask
Have a nice day :)

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