Forum Thread: Android Backdoor in Doc-File or Something

Hello, I want a Backdoor for Android or mobile phones. But all backdoors are .apk - files. I want a Backdoor as .doc or .rtf or .png .jpg ect. Is this possible? OR has a Android Backdoor to be a .apk file? Thanks for you help :)

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Or how would you "hack" a phone? Because not every person download a apk.
What would you do when a Android phone is in your network? How would you hack it?

Let's first talk about the two ways a device gets "hacked". One is by the user opening a file that installs the payload. The other is by exploiting the system or system programs. With Android, the former would be an Apk file that the user would need to install. The latter would be an exploit that can use a remote code execution vulnerability. While Exploiting is possible (Stagefright), it's not as easy.

So you would "install" the backdoor?!
What should I do if some ports are open.? How can I hack the phone with open ports? Any Tutorial ^^ Thank You :)

What I'm saying is that it's not easy. If you can find a vulnerability in application that is using one of the open ports and you can develop an exploit, then it's possible.

So if Pokemon Go use the port 999 and i write a listener to this port, what should I write in metasploit? With command? And I only can "connect" to the phone threw the open port if the program is open(Pokemon Go)?

Basically what I am saying is that it's impossible though I can't explicitly say it is because there is always a chance it can be done. Develop your skills and knowledge.

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