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Android Data Recovery

Hello all,

If an criminal is capured by the police and the criminal has an Android phone on him. the Android phone is password protected with an 4 digit pin, can the police then open the phone with an special program/device to see his files/phone calls for example, or is this illigal to do (privacy or something)? If this is possible how is this done.

And if the criminals have such program/device stolen or something, is it then possible to protect all/most files on the device, disable some options or something?

I am talking about a modern (2014 or later) Android phone WITH root.


ps: I know most criminals will just wipe the phone and sell it, but if you wrote your passwords (or something) in a app and they steal it you're doomed.

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Dont know why you are interested in this, but any sort of law enforcement can crack a device open, of course with legal permission. Whether or not they succeed depends on the 'criminals' skill at securing hi phone and law enforcement methods. Which they for a good reason do not reveal to the public.

that's why it's always better to use a 10 dollars phone, at least they will have nothing to steal .

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