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Hello Everyone, I Have an Android Target at the Same House Using the Same Network. I Need to Install Spy Software and There Are Many on Google but They Need to Be Install on the Target Device,,, but, the Hard Part Is the Target Phone Has PIN Number and I Don't Know It. I Need Assistance to Done with That at Least to Get the Pin Number Step by Step Because I Don't Have Much Experiences or if Any Can Done with It and I'm Ready for What It Have to Take.

Thank you.

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There is more than one way to do this. One is is you can use Meterpreter to create your own malicious app. Host it on a website and convince your target to download and install the app.


If you can get a hold of the device for a couple seconds and restart it, it will ask for his pin to get in after reboot. Just be around the area when they type in the pin and Boom. You have the pin.

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