Forum Thread: Android Kali Linux Airmon-Ng Problem Please Help!

Hello Everyone,
I am facing a problem i trying to start monitor mode in my android with his internal WiFi adapter.
When I given Airmon-ng Start wlan0 it says they facing error to getting interface.
Now please anyone help me how to solve it.
Thank you.

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bro android wifi chipsets dont support monitor mode hence airmon-ng wont work.

the earlier devices like samsung s3 only supported monitor mode, there are less than 4 mobiles which support it and there is no new mobile which supports monitor-mode sorry, if you want to get really into hacking then install it on your pc or buy a raspberry pi, still YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY A WIFI ADAPTER WHICH SUPPORTS MONITOR MODE, like the tp link tlwn722n which is the cheapest and best one or the alfa ones if you have a high budget.


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