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So I made an apk to get meterpreter on my android device... but everytime it installs... it shows MainActivity as name and no image... which looks kinda fake and bad for social engeneering right??

So how do u change that name and pic??

Also we have to keep that app open... is there no way to send the app in the background?? So that it cant be closed as easily as a swipe??

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Ok when I try toninject it ot normal apk... it makes that apk into a 7kb file but still the nane is mainactivity and no icon...

Can u help me point to a tut to edit the source code or decompress and edit an apk??
And a tut for that autostart thingy wud be really helpful

Thank you very much..

Yes I specified file and I also specified raw cause there is no format for apk... it still deleted everything in apk file and just made it 7kb and still shows as mainactivity in android with no pic...

I saw an video on youtube about this problem. The method is simple all you need to do is to edit the payload apk manifest by using xml and copy the commands in payload apk to the duplicate apk and save it and send it to targets device. Hope that this is helpful if not I would recommend you to watch video on youtube about editing apk manifest with xml

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