Forum Thread: Android Payload Hook Error

when i try to hook the payload file of metasploit manually everything works fine
but after i m getting parse error in android
is there any way to do so with approach ??

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Hi man, what is your Victim`s Android version? It will be older because in older Android Versions, any Un-Signed APK file cannot be installed. Most probably you hav`nt Signed your APK File. To Sign the apk file, visit my Ultimate Guide

no i did sign first then i try to install in both nougat or lollipop but still i was getting parse error
thank you for reply i'll go through your Ultimate Guide :)

Thanks for Your Appreciation My Friend!

If my Ultimate Guide don`t work for you, then please inform me , I`ll try my best to cooperate with you, and to solve your problem :). Good Bye, Take Care.

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