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Hello everyone...
I am learning hacking and just created a android rat. Both client and server are apks .
We need to setup a mid server which can be done using any free hosting service with database.
No root permission required for both of apks
It is different from other rats and metasploit in following ways

  1. Controler is also an apk so we can control compromised device from our android device.
  2. Using a mid server for communication so no port forward or static IP address required.
  3. Using http (or https depending on your hosting service) for data transfer.

Used following languages:
php and sql for mid server
java for android app

And it have all features provided by other android RATs and currently working on

  1. live sms reading(to read otp to reset any password)
  1. Adding phishing page popups...facebook and google pages will be already embedded in app and will appear on victim's android screen on one click. And open any other link(Your Phishing link) on screen as popup(not in browser)

So.....Should I post source code and some posts to set it up or you guys are fine with metasploit and other rats

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Please upload your project

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