Forum Thread: Android WiFi Hack

What's the best WiFi hacker app for android?
For wpa2?
For wps locked?

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There is a version of AirCrack-ng built for devices using the ARM architecture (like most Android devices). It requires use of the Android Terminal (use Terminal Emulator), Super User privileges and basic Linux skills.

Have fun


what commands? tried kali linux commands on it

What did you download??
Theres a reaver for android..

Your carf should support monitor mode...
And also cracking passwordswpasswords will be a lot slower in android..
Your best bet will be wps if its there..

1) Not that slower.

2) You can't just use "Kali Linux" commands on it, in case you are referring to the hacking utilities. To install them, it's painful. I would just suggest You install a chrooted Kali linux environment.

3) At that points, commands to pur a wireless adapter in monitor mode are pretty much the same as in Kali. Still, no supported card, no game.

4) what device do You have?

Installing really isn't that bad. Just don't expect a fancy GUI (or any GUI for that matter). All you really need to do us unzip it in to the /data/data folder and run the scripts as superuser.


I agree with you, but don't expect that to happen with tools with many dependencies like MiTMf, at least not that easy ;-)

It is for Nmap though, which I recommend greatly.


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