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I'm trying to mask my IP using TOR + ANOMOS to download .torrent files. I'm able to start both TOR and PRIVOXY, but I simply cannot get ANOMOS to work. I able to enable TOR on CHROME, using "Proxy Switchy!". For that, I used 8118 (privoxy) and 9050 (tor). In ANOMOS, I've tried both and 9050, and keep getting errors:

"Could not open a listening port: (48, 'Address already in use'). Check your port range settings."


"You are trying to make an unencrypted connection to a tracker, and this has been disabled for security reasons. Halting."

Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? Thanks a ton in advance.

Also... I understand that Anomos is outdated. If there is a better method out there to download .torrent files anonymously, please advise. Thanks.

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Have you checked that these programs are compatible, I've never personally used Anomos so I might not be much help, but could it be that Tor or one part of Tor is already using port 48? If you can then I would see if you could change the listening port for Anomos, as well as checking there are no problems with your firewall. Sorry I can't help more.

Please don't torrent using TOR. It routes through a whole bunch of peoples computer connections, which means it puts lots of pressure on the network and slows everyone down.

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