Forum Thread: Anonimity in Kali

As we know recently Anynomous have declared cyberwar against ISIS.
They have published tutorial for newbies for hacking, there they have said that Kali is not best for anonimity

"Despite what other anons and the internet is saying, Kali isn't useful to you unless you have your own server to work on.

The OS is broken and insecure, and is built for security pentesters.
Kali will provide very poor security unless you know what you're doing."
Is it true although Kali is special OS for hacking.

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Yes it is true that Kali isn't built for anonimity. It even requires effort to integrate tor which is vulnerable.
I'd suggest Parrot. If you're a fan of tor still, try a modified flavour of TAILS.
ISIS is actually pretty good at picking fights and being hated. I'm impressed by this skill.

-The Joker

But I'd like to know where have they put the tutorials. Anonymous is an honorable ideal. But I've not been with the news for a while.

-The Joker

Interesting fact that I've learned... so use something else to use for illegal purposes is the moral of the question.

I believe with the correct tools (net filter, tor, redsocks etc.) and a forward proxy on a separate Linux is the best way to do this. Do not trust any operating system out of the box.

UDP is also important for anonymity as i see an lot of articles out there where DNS setup is not there and neither UDP is taken care of.

Leaking from Layer 7 is always something to be aware of , so net filter should be setup correct to drop those packets. Tails , Whonix , ParrotSec provide anonymity out of the box via ToR by the way so the comment of Tails and ParrotSec is not correct.

Whonix providing a Client & Gateway but still test before you do anything.

Kali can get anonymous but you need to setup a few things before and test before your internet adventures...

Wrong...I wouldn't say that.

Anything can get anything if you make it be. The only difference is out-of-box integration of different tools. That's what made Kali special. But it does not have built in anonymity.

Even though tor is vulnerable, it is as much as you can achieve. So just pray that NSA is not sitting on the other side unmasking you.

-The Joker

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