Forum Thread: Anonimity - Legend or Reality?

Hello, friends! Today I decided to open up an idea that plenty have thought about over the years. I'm curious to know how you think anonymity works, and address the controversial question "Will it be ever be real?


While it is easy to say, "Yes, of course it can be real because we have services to 'bounce' our connections across different networks," some of the largest anonymity services such as tor have been shut down because the United States Government put enough recources into unmasking Tor users.

Here are a couple of videos to jog your ideas:

Eli the computer guy states his ideas about anonymity, and specifically argues that anonymity will never fully exist.

Christopher Poole demonstrates multiple techniques that forensic investigators have used in the past to uncover anonymity, and not just on the internet. He also gives you a history lesson on the internet. How groups like "anonymous" came to be, and how his small website, 4chan, grew into a meme generating empire.

What Do You Think?

I am very curious to hear all of your ideas. Please post them in the comment section below, and if you have any concerns, you can private message my profile here on wonderhowto.

-Cameron Glass

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14 Responses

Just like no system is 100% safe the same to people, bro im sorry i wrote a lot of thing when i clicked submit"fuk" an unexpected error occurred..

but what i want to tell you is that it exists theoretically (you can use proxies,vpn,tor and so on)

but in reality it does not exist, powerful companies or ppl can or are watching you and me, government agencies the same,"big brother is watching you" and sometimes you are just not lucky.

Companies like google, microsoft, facebook and so on are so powerful that in my opinion if they wanna track a hacker they can, government agencies like nsa are watching us since we were born, when we first went to school, college, job there you did not use any proxy or vpn, but the real you and even in cases you was paranoid and used fake documents they know the real you trust me, government they work in two ways: crimes that they consider irrelevant and crimes relevant(affect national security), when you do something that they consider relevant they will call devil to track you, you can see by the leaks of nsa and the recently hacking team. they are watching us and they can, and sometimes we are just not lucky, we might click on something by accident, we might forget to turn on proxy or vpn,we might fall in love with an fbi agent that his social engineering us so in the real world anonymity does not exist...


I completely agree. Privacy is definitely relative to the amount of work a large company can put into tracing you.

Thank you for the comment!

Theritically, I think true anonymity can exist. But that'd require you to have better(and enough) technology and techniques than whatever would trace you.

So either you are a time traveller or you are an alien species more evolved than humans. The first case isn't really possible(there was some theory in physics for it, saying paradoxes in present can't exist), so unless it's the second, it is not practically possible to you(except if you are a powerful organization or you just stumbled upon some unknown 0-day vulnerability).

So, it would be ambiguous to say a direct answer, but I'd say that true anonymity is possible in theory. And I can prove it. But in practical, that completely depends on what you have.

Oh, and yes, it was just about cyber space. For the physical one, that'd be a different story, but I'd still say that true anonymity can exist in theory.

-The Joker

Good point. It is important to take in things to consideration other than just cyber security.

Thanks for the comment.

Everything has a loophole, a mistake and a way in. Anonymity can be possible or not depending on what you think anonymity is. We live in a world where we rely on google, facebook, microsoft and other companies. We rely on them and give them our privacy for the sake of using their products and since they control the products they control us.

Great point to you, as well! Just like nothing is 100% unhackable, nothing is 100% untraceable.

Good comment.

My best attempt would be to buy a laptop for cash. Obviously you never enter any personal details onto it or indeed even turn it on in the vicinity of your home or workplace. Using hacked wi-fi find a VPN provider who claims to keep no logs, and accepts payment by gift card or vouchers that can be bought for cash, and utilise their services. There is an excellent article on Torrentfreak about this. I haven't tried it myself but I assume it is then possible to repeat the process for a VPN provider in a different legal jurisdiction and "chain" your VPNs. In this fashion your only point of contact with the internet is a hacked wi-fi so, so long as it is far enough away from your "normal" life and you regularly hack new ones, I think it would be nigh on impossible to identify you. Undoubtedly the community will let me know otherwise.

This is one popular way to stay anonymous. While I have never tried it, many have, and some were even busted thanks to multiple holes in the TOR network.

Thanks for the comment, Daynjerus.

As long as computers, networks etc. are designed by humans, there will never be 100% anonymity. Perfection is against human nature.

Even hyper-intelligent autodidact AIs will have problems to build 100% secure systems. All it needs is one person who thinks differently putting a lot of time into a system, and voila, you have your flaw.

Thank you for the comment. I also believe that it is true that there is no fool proof way to be anonymous.

In my humble opinion, complete anonymity will never be a reality. Let's say for the sake of illustration that all the governments in the world fell tomorrow. No more NSA. No more CIA. No massive tax-dollar-funded spying agencies. You have to get to the bottom of WHY these agencies really exist. Information is power, and right now the governments have that power, because they have the resources to obtain it on a massive scale. But if that goes away, the market for information doesn't disappear with it. You still have companies and individuals who have the wealth to pick up where government leaves off, and they will. The only caveat here is that corporations are openly in it for the love of money (the root of all evil, by the way). Governments all bullshit us into thinking it's for our own safety, which if you ask me is an insult to my intelligence. Short of tearing down all of society world-wide, redistributing wealth so that no one individual has enough resources to spy on everyone, and starting everything over from scratch... Real anonymity can't happen. And it won't.

I agree. Like OTW said, anonymity is similar to security in that it all depends on the recourses forensic investigators put into decrypting the attack.

Anonymity is relative concept, similar to security. You can only make yourself relatively anonymous, meaning you make it harder for someone to identify you. Given enough time and resources, a good forensic analyst can always find and identify you.

Couldn't have said it better.
Thank you, OTW.

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