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I want to make myself truly anonymous and hard to dox on the Internet, the problem is I have way too many social media accounts for me to get rid of, what is a way to be hard to dox and keep your social media accounts? I don't mind creating a new alias or anything like that.

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My name, most include personal information.

Create an alias and use false information in your account profile which the site publicly displays. For example, it may display your name, home town ETC.

Don't type like your normally would on social media, like using common phrases and emojis you would on social media. For example, people use signatures here like -Poppedkernal-, if you do something in similar fashion on social media people will find it.

Don't tell your friends or list in a forum your other accounts. Don't use the same name\alias across websites. If you do end up using the same info across websites people can compile this information they find listed.

Create a unique identity for each website you wish not to relate with any other identity online. Make a format (a general layout for an identity) to help you create a consistent plan on making these identities.

You cannot stay truly anonymous. Anonimity entails leaving no traces behind any of your manoeuvres online, and that is realistically unattainable.

Despite this, making it difficult for your identity to be discovered is a more feasible approach. To prevent techniques, such as doxxing, from being effective against you, there are several precautions you must take:

  1. Keep your hacking life separate from your normal life. This means that you shouldn't have an open browser with your personal Facebook account in one tab and in another.
  1. Use separate names/nicks/aliases. There is no need to re-create anything. If you are comfortable with an alias, do all your activities on said alias and stick with it.
  1. Use different browsing habits. Do not overuse language while using one identity when, in fact, it can be matched to the other.
  1. Try and be as reclusive as possible. I don't mean stay silent, don't talk to anyone and pretend you are a ghost (unless you really want that). The less you engage with people, the less they can learn about you.
  1. Don't give out information like candy on Halloween. This point kind of evolves from the previous one. If you happen to run into a situation whereby you are confronted by someone who is conspicuously probing for your personal information by asking you questions, you should not, by any means, give anything away about yourself. Seems fairly obvious, right? As clear as this point stands, I must inform you that social engineering can lead to disastrous and catastrophic situations, and if you are a business, things don't look good at all.

These were just a few brief pointers. There's more to it than what I've summed up above, but these are the main things you should look into.


  1. there are websites that will erase you completely
  2. always use an alias, especially when on dark forums
  3. dont brag about anything you do, ever
  4. feign interest in malware and have other hobbies to pursue
  5. adware tracks stuff you are interested in, so it could be used to make a profile of who you are

Thanks for all of this information. Is there a way to get rid of this null-byte profile? I fear my anonymity will be leaked because of well...


Not sure about deleting your account but you can change your display name in settings.

I have made many tutorials on anonymity, you can check those out if you want. Not really anything to add since a lot have already been stated above, other than my articles are here for you to read if you need additional information.

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