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Hello! I was curious to know how the majority of you stay anonymous. What type of tools, programs, and other means do you use? What is your setup in anonymity? Specifically, I am looking for a program that allows simple communication.

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I'm not that into anonimity myself, but I know that Tails Linux has lots of tools for anonimity.

Btw, search for I2P and Tor in that search bar up there :)

Simple anonymous communication? Try Cryptocat. It's available for Chrome, Firefox, Android (I think), and iOS. You can also send files with it.

I'm new here and haven't read the tutorial above, so my opinion might change soon. I CAN be educated :-)

Two thoughts before I go off to read the tutorial.

First, my current preference is to run Whonix. I also like Tails and tor.

Second, and perhaps more important, if you want anonymity you must adopt an attitude of 100% security. You have to be perfect 100% of the time. Depending on what you're doing (I'm assuming the worst for safety sake) your enemies can afford to sit and wait for you to make one single, small mistake; after which they will slam steele doors shut on you. The secret police only have to get lucky once and they have you. To avoid that you must be perfect. And always suspect to be ratted out.

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