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if i am hacking a coumputer remotly , and i wanna stay anonymous how can i do it ?

lets say i am useing armitage or any other program (even a revesetcp payload(the payload have your ip so it can connect to the pc back)) how can i protect myself so no once can get to me ?

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Maybe try proxies or VPNs. the questions you are asking are easily find on this website or google.

Use another computer (not your own), best chance. And not anyone you knows computer.

Definitely, you need to use VPN. You can use the Hide my ass but there are some peculiarities. For example, few people know that even when you use VPN, it is still possible to single out the actual IP;) That is why smart people check their anonymity before going online. For this purpose, there is service. It shows the percentage of your anonymity, and tries to single out your real IP address. If it could not find it and the percentage of anonymity is not less than 90%, then you can safely "work";)

proxychain is not better then vpn ?

Assalamuallaikum null byte.

Saya dari indonesia, saya ingin meminta pertolongan dari kalian hacker. Saya yakin salah satu dari kalian beragama islam, sebelumnya saya minta maaf jika lancang meminta pertolongan kalian. Saya hanya ingin game yang namanya mobile legend itu dihapus dari muka bumi ini! Karna game itu akan membuat umat manusia semakin buta dan asyik memikirkan dunia dan akan mempercepat datangnya dajjal!! Fikirlah! Saya harap kalian bisa mewujudkan keinginan saya dan umat islam yang lain. Tolong sampaikan kepada anggota kalian yang lain.

Terima kasih.
Dari hamba allah

Brother please stop using Islam as a reason to attack mobile game developers you don't like and of course taking down a game from Google's play store or Apple's app store is only possible by the respective companies and it is illegal for you to ask us to help you takedown someone else's app.

I am a Muslim myself and i also believe in the arrival of dajjal but I don't see the the connection between a mobile game and the arrival of dajjal. So please stop posting meaningless things in the comment section brother.

Assalamu alaikum.

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