Forum Thread: Another Laugh

I got this spam/troll PM from Zach B (now deleted). It said:

Yup he has a "windows address." He's gonna "hack ur mac address" but you can't get him because he has a "windows address." lol

I'm not even going to criticize the rest... I think you all get it.

C|H of C3

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Is that the same guy? Verbiage looks similar.

I doubt it. That other guy wasn't nearly as stupid as this one.


We seem to be attracting a strange element. Script kiddies without a clue and ill intentions.

Indeed, and it does get quite annoying.

What scares me is that these script kiddies hardly seem literate and that they are within the ages of 8-11 from my assumption. Basically kids that think they are hackers are trying to overrun NullByte by issuing the threat of being invulnerable through having a "Windows address".


Indeed, because having a "Windows address" is so secure. XD

The best part is regardless of what he says he still puts shadowy hacker as his alias at the bottom. It really should have been 8 year old script kiddie instead.


Hahaha... at least not everybody here is this stupid.

I think its funny, such a troll must only got the wrong guy and he is going down.
I love Null Byte and im very thankful for all the Tutorials
and The Guys who made it big like OTW,

There is no place for such things because we are all here to learn and getting more knowledge about what we do and not to make enemys or not.

After a year. The last few months we are picking up dead weight, posers and nut riders. You want respect from certified members then just be a noob that you are, put the ego away and study and train.

We can tell the ones that are putting in the effort vs. one of the titles in my opening sentence. Not to complex if you ask me.

Sad, but true. We have so many people asking us to hack for them, which is 78% against Null Byte's purpose. It gets annoying quickly.

Thanks for the laugh, Cracker. Just what I needed right now.


Just keep an eye on your mac address; he may have hacked your copy of OSX already. I mean, if that happens you're screwed.



I doubt it. I may be wrong but if Zach can't realize that a Windows address doesn't exist then he doesn't have a high chance of getting a MAC address. Just my thoughts but be careful.


He was joking.

I don't have OS X. I'm not an Apple fan.

Oh sorry I didn't catch on I thought he was serious.


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