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Hi guys
Been reading a lot on this site lately, and am getting a bit more paranoid (read aware), the more I read.

Recent years I've just gone with the MS Security Essentials on my windows PC, and haven't really thought that much about anti virus on my Mac and Linux box.

Yesterday I spent some time going through antivirus reviews but didn't get much wiser.
Can you guys recommend a good antivirus that preferably works on windows, OS X and Linux.

N.B.. I did search the forum before I posted. I didn't find any good posts about this.

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6 Responses

Kaspersky maybe...
Dont think about free ones... theyre almost all scam or dont work...
Or norton..

How come the others are a scam? The free ones.


Try out Avast. Although, it can be annoying from time to time.

Kaspersky is very good in my opinion.

Problem with AVs is that one can catch malitious code that other AV cant. And opposite. Main thing to do not get infected is still human behavior. If you open everything from ur mailbox and suspicios programs (maily cracks for programs) u will get infected no matter what, cos good hackers makes their payloads FUD.

Yea lmao. There's this script kiddie that doesn't like me at school, and I've let him into my system voluntarily to see what he can do and such. So far, every one of his hacks have been detected and he installed a keylogger. Soon enough though, I'm going to get him back. ;) Just as soon as I finish up my recon.

EDIT: Moral of this story, don't hack without taking precautions as to not be traced, and start encrypting your malware to go underneath the AVs.

lookup 360 total security, it's free and it works great. Good interface and gets constant updates so it can protect you from all the latest viruses, malware, worms etc.

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