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My ISP provided a really weird internet connection. i am accessing internet using a tv cable connected to a cable modem which is connected to my computer via ethernet cable..

He then set up network connection manually -setting my gateway, ipv4,subnet etc.. i have a fix IP .

The gateway that was provided is not of the device that i was given ,because when i open the gateway ip in browser it ask of for id & pass which is different from the device that i have..

SInce gateway ID is the router address - so its clear the network that i am accessing has its router to my ISP office..


in this case is there any way to portforward?coz i want to test hacking in WAN.
can no-ip work in this scenario or it too requires a forwarded port????

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the answer to your last question, yes, no-ip needs port forwarding

how about USB 3g dongles.. do they support port forwarding?

some of them do, like the one I have Huawei E3236... it doesn't have an interface to portforward ports, but you can open your ports using Upnp portmapper (search for more info on this forum)

Did you receive this from Comcast? I believe they provide the username/password on a sticker below the modem. If not, I'm sure you can google the default admin/password for your modem.

thnx 4 reply..

the gateway i use dsnt belong to the modem that i own... the modem i have somehow bridges my computer to the remote router.. it dsnt serve any other purpose..

my internal ip is -- fixed..
my gateway is--

the ip i obtained is fixed not automatic.. if i choose automatic then i can log in my modem but dnt hav internet connection working..coz my ip and gateway changes .

the gateway is not of my modem .. i am sure of that..

when i type the gateway in browser i use to get id & pass page. and it dsnt accept my modem's id & pass..(coz its different) & why would an ISP admin would share its router id & pass.

overmore, these days i dnt evn get the login page of the admin's router..
but can ping and use internet..

Without port forwarding is there any way to pentest in WAN?? are USB 3g dongles are any alternative? DO they support port forwarding??

You can port forward using your own PC using utorrent. Just look up "port forwarding using utorrent".

Try the following routers that allow port forwarding which you will need another patch (ethernet cable)..... list is as follows

  1. TOTOLINK chech varieties in their official website --TOTOLINK OFFCIAL WEBSITE LINK (
  2. TP-LINK (TL - MR3420) (

try those i have been portforwarding...

or try this virtual servers but i do recomend working with router and virtual when off the router network...
virtual routers ...
VERIGIO -- their official website (

ngrok. Simple and ez.

ngrok gives you a secure tunnel to the internet. Just dwnload and run
ngrok tcp 4444
Then ngrok gives you a public hostname
So you just set your payload to connect back to your hostname using port 4444

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