Forum Thread: Any Free Vulnerable Distros for Me to Mess With?

Dear inhabitants of Null Byte,

I am currently in the process of setting up a pentest lab to play with.
As of now, I have a Windows XP VM, Metasploitable 2 and an old Windows 7 Laptop that's just begging to be p0wned.

Does anyone know of any other free, deliberately vulnerable VMs I can download and practice on that are similar to Metasploitable?


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Check out OWASP too for web app vulnerability practice.

Some interesting stuff. Thanks guys

Wow there are tons here. Plenty to wreak havoc on.

The more OS's you try to hack, the higher the chance you have at hacking a target.

Can someone tell me how much memory to allocate in virtual box to these target Os's? I went and allocated 100GiB to WinXP because some people online talk about how hard it is to expand memory. Then again i used dynamic allocation and I'm only using it for pentesting so I suspect I've overdone it. (I'm on a Kali host if it makes any difference)

Thanks in advance.

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