Forum Thread: Any Original Ideas for April Fools with a Meterpreter Shell?

Hello everyone, Phoenix750 here. As you all know, tomorrow is April Fools, my favourite time of the year!

I am infamous within my family for pulling off the most ridiculous of jokes. From the classic water bucket on top of the door to electric door latches (maybe tutorial material for later?), my family hasn't been spared on April the 1st the last 4 years!

But this year, I'd like to go a little bit original and pull off something using computers. More specifically, that sweet meterpreter prompt!

I want to prank my family tomorrow. I can gain easy meterpreter shells because I have physical access to the computers (with admin privilege!). The thing is, I can not come up with an original idea! So I was hoping if you guys could help me. There are only a few rules:

  • No porn or any other nasty stuff
  • No 3rd party malicious software (like spyware or viruses)
  • Nothing that can cause permanent damage to the computers
  • I must be able to restore the computer afterwards.

Here are some ideas I already have in mind:

  • Change the keyboard layout.
  • Write a small batch script that will open up a funny youtube video repeatedly (video:
  • Change their desktop background to this (no those aren't icons, this is the background itself):
Image via

Anyway, what I am asking is: do you guys have any other additional ideas I could use? Let me know please!

The machines are running Windows, by the way.

Thanks in advance;

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Fake BSOD, set a pic of a BSOD as their background then end explorer.exe :)

Adding annoying beeping and the classic the cd drive that constantly opens .

Backdoor the metasploit framework so the meterpreter session is attacking its own host machine.

Create a vbs file that speaks and says "I'm tired please shut me down or I will format my self" and run it on your target's pc

Here is the code:
dim speakerobj
set speakerobj=createobject("sapi.spvoice")
speakerobj.speak "I'm tired , please shut me down or I will format my self."

change icons of all programs (like when they click chrome icon, but internet explorer open)

Disable their mouse or keyboard for a split second every so often. Especially if they are playing a video game.

Joe, you monster!

Too bad no one games in my family. But I'll remember this though!

But how exactly do you plan to deactivate the mouse/keyboard?


Here is a short video demonstrating the commands.


Turn their webcam on and tell them exactly what they are doing by typing it in notepad or terminal to scare them.

Genius... Best idea so far!


replace the entire computer with one from 1995

I'm sure your family will figure out it was you who pranked them, but all the best for whatever you do.

Of course they will find out it is me, that's the point!


I like L3gion01's idea of speaking at them.

Perhaps have the computer tell them that if they don't buy you a new computer (or whatever demand you care to insert), then they are cursed.

Then, start wreaking havoc, disabling keyboard/mouse, CD tray, random dialogue boxes, using the taskkill command to randomly kill programs they're running etc

Nothing's better than the haunted computer. Perhaps some simple messages would be good enough, in loop, and at autorun. Easy to use, hard to perfectly disable, for the normal humans, that is.

Or hijacking some input or output device, and scaring/ridiculing them with it. Just invoking a bit of chaos can also serve a lot to leave them confused, if they wouldn't be doubting at you as the first course of action, which isn't very probable, but considering your infamousness, possible nevertheless.


post an article with the title 'assembly tutorial', but keep it empty.

That isn't something that I can prank my family with :P


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