Forum Thread: Any Wirelessvway to Connect to a RPi?

Hello all i have been lurking the site for a bit and was reading up on OTW's article about how on the Mr.Robot series eliot was able to access and use the RPi wirelessly but they were both on the same network.

Is there anyway this is possible but without being on the same network? So to have total command of the RPi while conected to a different network?

If this is possible i would like to run exploits from the RPi at a different location on a different network and test how it runs etc

Thanks for any help given

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4 Responses

I guess you could somehow work a way to access the RPi through a 3g adapter and perform your evil scripts on the LAN the RPi is also connected to.

You can set up a SSH server on the Raspberry and connect to it from everywhere. In addition you can set up a DDNS service (for example NoIP) in order to not remember your Public IP everytime it changes.

Thanks for the replies will test it out

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