Forum Thread: Anyone Have Experience in Cloning Site via Python?

I want to build some script which will include site cloner, so i wonder if anyone here have experience with that? Which libraries were used or framerwork, i need information. Cheers

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That's actually a research project I'm working on, and you can check it out here:

The series I'm writing right now is actually a build up to this point.

Although you'd definitely have to tweak this program a little bit, it's designed to go through an entire website and archive all of it's pages. You could definitely use it to clone a website.

To run it from the terminal, run "python ' 1"

What it will do is start from the website link you input as argument 1, and archive every single linked webpage with the keyword "example". It will call itself recursively 1 time, or however many times you put in argument 2, opening every link it sees from every page. It will also never open the same link twice.

If you run this on a website, it'll probably take a while (maybe an hour???) but you can definitely clone it.

Thank you, that was very helpful !

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