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so, I'm almost finished learning C#, and i want to learn Python later this month. the problem is, i don't really know a good book to read or a good place to learn from. any suggestions?

P.S. I'd prefer to learn Python3.


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At first there aren't many differences between Python2.7 or Python3. The Syntax is fairly the same. Just start with Python2.7, you can also code in Python3 then.

But i don't get the point in learning Python3.
Python2 got all the nice modules and libs, which aren't included in Python3 yet.

Why do you want to learn Python3 instead of 2?

You could start watching a few YT videos to get an idea about the syntax and then try to get more specific. You aren't german right? Becausse i know some great Python Books in german.

But try this one

And take a look at this :


because i don't want to run behind my times. a good example of this is my friend's dad, who always focused on VB6 and never took the step to .NET. he was good back in the 90's, but right now, he's pretty much useless (though he still makes amazing things with VB6).

you may have a point on the modules and such...

i am not that new to Python, so i know how the Syntaxis works etc. (should've mentioned that), but i never really learned it like i did with C and C++.

and no, i'm not german :P

thanks for the books!


Personally I first started learning Python from the book "Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist", here's a link (plus it's free) :D

EDIT: I just glanced over the fact that you already now a bit of it so this book might not prove that useful, sorry :D

all i know in python is how to print things out on the screen, receive user input, and how to use variables, and that's about it :D so your book will certainly be useful.


Code academy is good

Violent Python is one of my all time favorite books for learning python. Not only does it teach you about python, but it teaches you how to hack with python! It goes into detail with everything from sniffing credit cards to finding location data in files. 10/10!

Code Academy is a good starter. But as Phoenix said, he's not new to Python.

What I can recommend are:
-Violent Python:
A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Engineers
By TJ. O'Connor
Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers
By Justin Seitz

i know VERY LITTLE about python :) all i pretty much know is how the syntaxis works (much C-like, so i won't have problem with that), and some very basic functions (like print("something")), but that's about it. i don't know if that is already enough to go with Violent Python, though.


If that's so, you could try Expert Python Programming by PACKT Publishing. They teach the basics in the first few chapters. Even in those two books I mentioned, they also teach some of the basics of Python :)

Anyway, there's no harm in scanning the book ;)

Then codeacademy is for you

Assuming you're learning it for hacking purposes, this is a very, very good read:

And even if you just want to learn it generally it's still great as it gives context and applications.
Hope this helps.

First Let Me Say Hi Phoenix750
I would recommend this course

which I began in learning the Python language And Assembly Language , but you must buy the course , but you can find It in the torrent sites The Course Its Old But You Can Start From It, Sorry For My Bad English


Cheers for posting this Phoenix, im a C# dev as well and ive been considering learning python recently. The resources posted here will be a good start. thanks to all

i learned C by reading "Learn C the hard way", so i suppose that this book will be useful to me.


I only repeat the posts above me but Code Academy is the place mate :)

A little late in posting a reply here I know, but I found the CS101 class on udacity gave my python an immense boost. It's because the course sets small goals each lesson(it's a go-at-your-own-pace course(at least it was when I did it)) interspliced with frequent little tasks and quizzes which cement your learnings. What really kept me at it though, was the over-arching goal for the course, to build a search engine in python(seems they've added building a social network too!). The course assumes no previous python experience from what I remember, it's free(you must scroll down to "Access course materials" for the free access), and I recommend it..

I also found the online book ,'Dive into python' to be a good one, especially if you are already familiar with programming concepts. It assumes very little to no knowledge of python, but competency in another language. There is one specifically for python 3 now too. just google. It dives straight into creating simple working programs, that are more interesting than your average beginners tutorials.

Hello PHOENIX 750,
I think the best learning books for python are Mark Lutz's "Learning python" and "Programming python" series.

You can learn all the basic of the python by "Learning Python" and can start coding using "Programming Python".

Try this URL

If want to learn python for hacking purpose I will highly recommend you to read these books:

1-Gray Hat Python
2-Violent python.

And I don't recommend you to learn python 3 ,because there are modules in python 2 still not available in python 3 . For me I'm using python 2.7 and very happy with it :)


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