Forum Thread: Anyone Taken the C|EH Exam Lately?

I was just approved by EC-Council to sit for the CEH exam. I had to apply for an exception because I didn't take an official prep class, but have worked as a junior pentester for almost a year. Anyways I've heard nothing but nightmares from pple who've taken v8 and v9 about the material in the exam not being included in any of the study materials being provided--even by EC-Concil's own bootcamp. A lot of people have demanded EC-Council to give them a refund for the bootcamp or allow them to retest. Gulp.

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I took exam 20 days ago and passed. Its not that hard.

nice! congrats! phew. I've been freaking out. Did you take the bootcamp or any prep course? If so, which ones? Any tips would be appreciated.

I had to sell several of the EC books over the summer and while I was adjusting the prices, I took a gander at the reviews.

Almost all of them bashed the books for being too outdated or not going into enough detail.

The EC-Council CEH exam is not that hard. If you study the material here on Null Byte and know it well, you should pass.

right on. I appreciate your input OTW!!! I was hearing things about hard drive failure rates and costs, cloud failure rates, and a bunch of ?s on the risk mgmnt framework (categorize, select, supplement, document, implement, assess, authorize, monitor) and I can't say I've come across that info on any of the materials I've gathered so far. Maybe I missed some on here. Anyways, I've studied my asssss off using the materials on here and going through the entire CEH exam prep on skillset ( I know it's not official exam prep and only tracks your progress, I just don't know what else to call it). I'm at 95% prepared according to them. I'm very excited for the exam, I know it's certainly not exactly the most prestigious bc it doesn't demonstrate hands on skills but it's a start for me bc I have zero certs/degrees & an ed background in healthcare. Taking a gigantic gamble in completely switching careers.

I don't know seriously why you are wasting your money and time. . . This is the first time I am hearing a person saying C|EH is very tough. Actually they are always one step beyond the present technology and their techniques are like a child play. Nothing is going to give you knowledge unless and until you yourself practice a lot and learn a lot other than their methods and theory. It is the worst course I think I have taken i my life. I have done C|EH and E|CSA.

I did their courses thinking that I can gain good knowledge and can join a reputed company. But I struggled for both for a long time. Then after I almost lost hope of getting a job in infosec field thinking that this Prestigious certification would definitely get me a job, I started doing my self learning.

At last now I got placed as an Information Security Analyst. My employer didn't even care to ask about my Certifications. He just said I need talents and not the C|EH.

If at all you still need to get C|EH then ping me privately. I will guide you through the process of achieving it with ease. I can assure you of that.

Very true. IT experts must always learn because technology is always advancing. New holes open up, so we must find new defenses.

I would agree with most of this assessment of the CEH. First, it is outdated. Second, it is easy. Third, it is not well-regarded by employers.

I passed!! Whoo-hooooooo! Anyone who'd like some tips for CEHv9 I'd be happy to provide!

thanks OTW :) Very excited. Thank you for helping me pass with your materials!!

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