Forum Thread: Apache Isn't Pre-Builded in Kali?

So how to install it?

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apache is in kali by default you can just run the command:
service apache2 start

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But why i can't find it by typing :find / -name apache or searching it in Files?

apache is under etc folder, go to etc folder and you will see the apache2 folder where you can navigate through the files and folder inside of it


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Thank you:) last can i open the /var/www/index.html with KWrite ?

whenever you want to open, or edit a file you can from the command line write the name of the tool you want to use following with the path of the file, for example lets say you want to open google using firefox, the syntax is :


it will open firefox and take us to google

so in case you want to open the index.html using firefox just run:
firefox /var/www/index.html

in case you want to edit a tex file you can use vi editor, so the command would be:
vi /var/www/index.html

so for your specific case the command to open the file with kwrite will be :
kwrite /var/www/index.html

Hacked by Mr__Nakup3nda

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