Forum Thread: An Apple a day keeps big brother away.

With the recent conflict between Apple and the FBI, the integrity of all data is being put at risk. By all data, I am referring to iPhone users alone. If someone truly wishes to be anonymous, they wouldn't use an iPhone in the first place.

The industry is already struggling to protect consumer data and privacy, but for every backdoor they place, it's another gaping hole for hackers to flood into.

In short, should everything be encrypted and secure or public in order to keep us safe?

It would be nice to hear your thoughts on this. (This should be a forum post. My apologies if it somehow posts as a How-To)

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I love the choice of the title. +1 for that alone.

As to answer your question: I believe the following:

"Those who sacrifice privacy for security deserve neither".

So yes, I do believe that we shouldn't be recording everything. Spying on everyone to prevent some terrorist attack is like shooting at a fly with a 150mm cannon!


Couldn't have said it better.


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