Forum Thread: How Are Infected Websites Still Online ?

How do hackers manage to host infected websites without getting caught by domain name registar providers ?

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They get caught eventually. They just make profit as long as they can.


Many of the infected sites are in China and Russia beyond the reach of western law enforcement. Many persist for years.

So a Russian or Chinese domain name could somehow protect from law enforcement ? If that's true, can one host a normal website, but change the code to a malicious one to get a hold of a certain victim, and then change back to the normal site ?

Yes. Like OTW said, the US and Europe have no jurisdiction in China or Russia.


Sure. That is done often.

They have no jurisdiction in China, but can't China press charges ?

Of course they can. But the attackers are then most likely living in a country where China has no jurisdiction ;).


Admitting the inverse scenario. I live in China and I create an infected website hosted in the US. Would I be "immune" ?

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